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  1. Hi,


    So I have left my place of work by mutual consent.


    My company have paid me until Jan 2019. But have said they want to cxl my visa and work permit on 30th November. They currently hold my w.p.


    The reason for cxl on 30th November is apparently due to tax reasons. However in the 4mth payoff I received they haven't deducted any tax.


    My visa (extension of stay) runs until 5th Jan 2019. I do not have to do any more 90 day reports, as I last entered Thailand 19th October, following a private business trip.


    So my question  is.... Is it true about the tax payments from my salary being linked to cxl of a workers visa? I find it odd that they gave this as a reason for cxl my visa before the end of my contract and then not deduct any income tax in the pay off. Previously tax was deducted as usual on a monthly basis in the payroll.


    Secondly could I just play hard ball and insist I keep my visa until 5th January 2019, or could they cxl it without me attending immigration? 


    This whole issue has been quite stressful. So if anyone has any genuine advice I would appreciate it.


    Thanks in advance.

  2. Amazing result Saturday. Flight booked for Atletico home leg! Even manage to squeeze in Palace away!


    Any fellow Bangkok Foxiles wanna watch the 1st leg together? Could all meet up at sportsman around 2am night of 12th/13th early morning.

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  3. High pressing, wrong choice of words perhaps.... Closing down rapidly and in numbers more appropriate. Which the whole team has been doing all season, not just Vardy. United aren't great. If it wasn't for Rashford, they'd be no where near getting 4th spot. That game could go either way. A draw wouldn't be a disaster. Spurs still have Chelsea at away, which also is tricky, as they won't want their London rivals winning the title, especially Fabregas! :P Saints at home for them also tricky. Newcastle away last day will be unreal if they need something and Geordies need something to avoid the drop. We have Chelsea away last day, who will have nothing to play for by then. But JT's last game in a blue shirt might mean they put in a performance.

    It's squeaky bum time and my fingers are a nervous shade of brown! :D

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  4. Will be at Kingpower HQ Sunday night for Swansea match. Fingers crossed we sneak it without Vardy, as Swansea aren't that great and their manager has even said he wants to us to win the league.

    Extra game ban for Vardy likely rules him out of Manyoo. With him we'd win that, without him unlikely.

    Ranieri is a legend, deserves a statue, a knighthood and a road named after him, just for his achievements alone so far this season.

    Key for tmrw is retaining the pace and high pressing game that has got us to where we are. Simple decison for Claudio is to go 4-4-1-1 with Okazaki and Mahrez down the middle, with probably Schlup on the wing. I would like to see him stick the young lad Darmian Gray in, but maybe a game that's too high profile for him at this stage in the season. Started against sprus in both cup games and has pace and a hell of a shot. His take down that played Vardy through for his 2nd Vs Sunderland was unreal. Ulloa is too slow to start with, impact sub last 20-30mins if we need him,

    We're not one man team and we are fearless!

  5. Nope can't post the link.... On another note, being as Newcastle, Spurs and United have supporter groups in BKK, I was thinking of setting one up for the mighty LCFC, so we can all watch games together in Bangkok. Post here if you would like to join and I'll try and organise a venue, if there is enough interest.

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  6. So, I have finished my ED visa. I have obtained a job and I am awaiting the necessary paperwork to go to Laos and get my Non B visa.

    However, my ED visa expires 30th of September and the paperwork won't be ready until after that date. So, can I still go to Mai Sai and get 30 days stamp. Providing a flight / hotel booking for my Laos trip is possible.

    Any recent experiences, or advice on the situation would be appreciated.


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