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  1. There are shops where they can buy not only the necessities but also food, cookies, drinks, ice, milk, nescafe, sugar, tobacco, cigarettes paper, underwear, all for daily max. 300 Baht, drawn from their account by finger print or credit card. Some will organize a group sharing food ordered day before, the bill shared.
  2. Of course, many try to dodge the system and deal without Alibaba. Different than Amazon. Many of them just use Alibaba for advertising and getting into the direct contact. But it does not change anything whether to trust or not. Unless the volume importer has got a long term relation with that company. Still, the volume of Alibaba business is huge anyway. It's not so surprising when knowing that the whole world is supplied by China - especially consumer goods, (70, 80, 90%?). Currently, all ships from Asia to US and EU are fully booked, Thai exporters eagerly waiting
  3. All containers are same, you can find the size by goggle. When bringing the container(s) on site then it is good to have the foundation ready, with the same crane to place it in.
  4. There are zillions of Chinese companies shipping to the world, mainly to US and EU volume consumer goods, majority organized by Alibaba. The containers arriving yearly to US could encircle few times the globe if given on a train. What a general experience do you expect to get? And in Thailand?
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