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  1. Chris.B


    Agreed! These are saddos as well. They don't care if they spread the virus shlt about, they just care about themselves.
  2. You need to join Facebook mate. https://www.facebook.com/NongKhaiForum/ Mind you, just had a look at it myself and doesn't seem to be much recent mail traffic. Sorry.
  3. Friday 22nd October Substitution for Chulalongkorn Day (Saturday 23rd October 2021)
  4. Chris.B


    Ohh I can. It's because they are selfish, 'me me' type people who only think of themselves. You see them everywhere, panic buying in the supermarkets, parking in disabled bays, using disabled toilets, doing u-turns on the High road, double parking close to an atm machine, going on foreign holidays during a pandemic, ignoring the 2m rule. Now refusing to wear face masks, pathetic people. I don't want their virus loaded breath droplets in my air!
  5. Sorry, my immigration office is not Chaeng Watthana. I just wondered what the overstay pages were mentioned previously. They are not required at my office.
  6. "The 4 extra pages for overstay etc.. that they wanted were reviewed as well and stamped by the IO." What is that about then?
  7. Okay, then could a group of people get together and form a 'Vaccine club' and then order?
  8. Nah, the p*ss heads drink Beer Chang, people who have work to do next day drink Beer Leo.
  9. 8 hours ago, Henryford said: UK NHS 10th that's a joke. It can take weeks just to see a GP then maybe months to get treated. I can walk into a hospital here with no appointment and get seen and maybe even treated the same day. OK you pay but then i pay for the NHS through taxes. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Well it is my experience as well, the service is a disgrace.
  10. This link is 3 days old.... https://news.sky.com/story/nhs-waiting-lists-backlog-hits-record-high-with-nearly-six-million-awaiting-treatment-in-england-12433516
  11. Go back to a waiting list of nearly 6,000,000? https://news.sky.com/story/nhs-waiting-lists-backlog-hits-record-high-with-nearly-six-million-awaiting-treatment-in-england-12433516
  12. Not sure the wife (Thai) and family would appreciate that suggestion too much.
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