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  1. Since when? Never seen this 'interpretation' before. Sounds more like wishful thinking to me. I seem to remember reports of immigration raiding Co-worker places up North some time ago.
  2. You think it should be in the open then? Copulating in the parks, on the beaches and in the shopping malls?
  3. She looks okay, from the back. Will have to take a trip up to Lampang to check this out.
  4. Yes, both of you are right, sex is disgusting, it should be banned! Cold showers and an early night should be the order of the day!
  5. Try: https://wallofcm.chiangmaihealth.go.th/index.php
  6. Foreign residents in Thailand have been getting Pfizer vaccinations through the Expatvac web site for the last two months.
  7. I had to check that domain out, .co.za - South Africa!
  8. Give him to the women of the village, they will sort him out.........
  9. There is also one here on this website. I don't know how good it is or not though. Does anone?
  10. You can. Hold down CTRL button and mouse click on each file wanted. Then drag across to where required.
  11. You are correct, the next generation will have the burden of extra taxes due to Covid. In the UK, due to rising property prices, young people can no longer afford to buy a home. Especially London and the South. Now rents are rising so young people can't save for a deposit. The NHS has nearly 6,000,000 people waiting for operations and doctors don't want to see patients face to face! Ongoing witch hunts for anybody who makes a comment or joke which might offend the 'Woke' and left. Anybody who mentions race, gender or immigration gets instantly branded 'far
  12. I have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 8, 4GB ROM, 128 GB RAM for over 20 months now. Good phone, stable and cheap. Make sure you buy the 'Global' version.
  13. In English? I thought a Thai will needed to be in Thai?
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