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  1. Correct. Just a recent habit I picked up. Since Cheery coke became available here.
  2. Why is Thailand relying on donations and loans? I didn't know that they made loans. So those donated vaccines will be forwarded to Bhutan? To pay back loans? Why is this even a news then?
  3. Today: Peanut butter and toast. Cherry coke. Yesterday: Banana + Potato & Egg Salad Sandwich. Cherry coke.
  4. Why don't they order more? They've been saying sinovac is a good vaccine.
  5. I actually know of one kebab restaurant that just opened this year. I personally haven't seen a single customer buying or dining in the shop. Lately I see the restaurants' lights off in normal business hours. Maybe they really thought they could make it. Believing in all the promising forecast.
  6. That will depend on what you mean by success. 5% of 2019 Tourist number? Maybe? But not likely for this high season.
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