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  1. I just opened both sites without a problem.
  2. All they have to is to read the OP before posting instead of just the topic title. That happens all the time.
  3. You need to check Qatar airways or maybe they have info on their website about their requirements.
  4. That is basically what the info I posted a link to twice before that people have apparently not read says.
  5. Hopefully by September next year you may be able to a simple border hop for a visa exempt entry so you can then apply for a non-o visa at immigration. Just be sure you do not get a re-entry permit.
  6. That would be accepted under the Thailand entry requirements. But you need to check to see what the airline requires to board your flight.
  7. Have you been able to find a international flight flying into Chiang Mai yet. That is required to do the one night quarantine there. I think the hotel is mixing up local quarantine requirement after flying in on a domestic flight.
  8. Under the latest order for work permits and working issued in 2018 it is highly unlikely a person would be punished for working online. Most of the replies to this topic are going by the old act of 2008 that even has different definition of work from the new one.
  9. The quarantine requirements are written in the ministerial order for them (it is not a law). Just ignore the quarantine requirements if shown on a embassy or a official consulate website. It will be approved without a AQ hotel reservation for any amount of time. The quarantine and vaccination requirements are a different order than the STV requirements. The requirements for a COE or the new Thailand Pass are completely separate from visa applications.
  10. But it may be a long time before you will be able to just hop over the border and come back. I would guess it will require being fully vaccinated and have a negative covid 19 test both ways before entering or reentering.
  11. It seems the TM30 and 90 day reportings apps are not working. I tried 2 days ago and again today to get on the 90 day reporting app. When I touch login it does nothing. Also when I open the app I get a spinning arrow for awhile before this message comes up. That has never happened before. I hope it it is working in December when my next 90 day report is due. I prefer the app over the online site since I have found it to be easier.
  12. I have just removed 16 off topic posts and replies to them. If you want to discuss the pro or cons of getting vaccinated there are many other forums with topics about it. Any additional similar posts will be removed without notice. OP you will have to do 10 days of quarantine at a AQ hotel and have 2 negative covid 19 tests. One when your arrive and another one the day before you are allowed to leave quarantine.
  13. Have the test done as close as possible to 72 hours before the day you are flying out. For entry to Thailand you only need the test result within 72 hours before departure. But some airlines are wanting the test being done within 72 hours.
  14. If you have stayed in the country longer than 90 consecutive days in the country you can be asked for a 90 day report unless it is your first extension application and then you next report will be due 90 days from that day. Not all immigration offices ask for them when doing covid 19 extension but they can ask for one under the rules. What you given was a receipt for the 90 day report and it has the date your next report is due.
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