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  1. well that s another reason to delay doing my self assessment, as if I need another excuse. I always promise myself that I will do it over summer and I always end up doing it late December.
  2. No, don't give a toss, mainly because nobody is near enough to me to be bothered .
  3. No time for monks, or their religion. In fact, I have no time for any religions, or their officials. Fantasists at best.
  4. Style is what you want and make it, it is not country specific. I brought an oak table and chairs to Thailand from UK, Monetizing the decision, the cost of transportation was half what the table and chairs were worth as they were manufactured to my own design by the 'Yorkshire Cat man', who some will know. No way was I leaving those behind even if we hardly ever use them. They fit very well into my dinning room.
  5. I would argue that Its more therapeutic, as you phrase it, to have your familiar and treasured things around you when you settle in a new environment. It was for me at least.
  6. All my books are none fiction. Some of them are treasured first editions, out of print now and/or antique, so Kindle not an option. Also I brought along a lot of technical books not available in electronic print, even if I wanted them in that format. I do like my Kindle for convenience, but it is very restrictive and you can't beat a good, old fashioned paper book in your hand.
  7. But bringing along my dish washer and tumble dryer was a good move.
  8. OP, for me it was, definitely. To have my own stuff around me, including my extensive book collection, wide screen smart TV, Blue Ray player, bike, etc, made settling in so much easier and frankly, having quality stuff not available here helps too. Just wish that I had included all my gardening tools and more electronic stuff.
  9. 6'30 am every morning. Its driving me and my dogs demented. Water off a ducks back to my g/f. I don't even think that she even notices, but she somehow always does when I play AC/DC at full chat.
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