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  1. I suppose to you, judgmental that you are, say that my Father, and those like him, a Flight Engineer on Lancaster's during WW2, was a war criminal? You make me sick with your armchair judgments on the very people who give and preserve the freedoms you relish. Ever heard the term 'armchair Quarterback' ? You are a prime example.
  2. Oh, here we go. Trying to make a moral equivalence argument. It won't wash.
  3. They were in an enemy vehicle, in a foreign Nation, shooting back at me, good enough for me, and incidentally, the rest of the War coalition, including many Arab countries. Don't get on your moral high horse with me mate, you will lose ever time.
  4. Not my war, I had left the military by then, but if I hadn't left, I would have followed my orders and gone, because at the time, I had no beef with the decision. Hindsight is a blind and ignorant basis for a view taken much later.
  5. Really? What in Bosnia? In the Falklands? In Malaya as was? In Korea? I mean, really?
  6. Well then I am your eyes. No doubt I may have killed a few 'bad uns', for which I do not apologise. The consolation for me is that 500 kts at 50 feet, over the desert, taking out Iraqi military assets was the best fun you could have with your clothes on.
  7. You are wrong. Both legally and morally, individually or collectively, you are the citizen of your country and that collective responsibility cannot be shrugged off, unless you give up that citizenship. That is a fact. If my country went to war, I would go to war. Its why I spent 24 years in the UK military. Fortunately for me, my country is democratic and is not run by a bunch of psychopath criminals. My country is also not a peasant society, brough up to believe in blind obedience to mafia dictators.
  8. We are not wingers, we just don't like a Nation and its citizens who are carrying out an illegal war and those here who, for whatever reason, are evading their responsibilities, either to follow their criminal government, or fight against it on the other side. So not winging. .
  9. You are badly misinformed. The West's armament industry is doing brilliantly. The West's military are heavily committed in a proxy war, which is degrading Russia and its friends while testing new weapon systems, and gathering vital intelligence. Believe me when I say that NATO is in no rush to see this war end. With no war, Ukraine is the bread basket of major countries and could be rich, that's when it gets to pay back all the loans it has been given, probably for the next 100 years. Its money in the bank for the Western powers.
  10. I couldn't give a sxxt about them. They can all get shipped back to the front line for me, the sooner the better.
  11. Yep. I'm afraid that many expats, even those who have invested heavily, financially and emotionally, in their life here. for years, forget that the vast majority of us are here on sufferance, at the wim of the government, and/or the military, for a maximum of 12 months, until the next extension. While I am left alone and treated with a reasonable level of respect. as a law abiding visitor I will stay. If that stops I will leave, without a backward glance.
  12. Turkeys running to the abattoir saying, please kill me. I have never read such a bunch of naïve posts, ever.
  13. Try SCB in Big C South. Take passport and a proof of where you are staying in Jomtien. They are pretty accommodating. No need to pay an agent.
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