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  1. They won't listen. It was Thaksin, Thaksin, Thaksin... pathetic.
  2. I know but I cant TT as i am not recognised by my bank etc. My question was not about TT but has ANYONE paid themselves a cheque into a FCD Bangkok Bank account.
  3. Good for you, 50,000 is liveable but not enough to party much. I know many on less - good luck and enjoy.
  4. Happy for them to do that - I don't want any UK accounts. If the cheque clears they can (censored). In fact if they send a cheque they have to make sure it clears to close the account.
  5. Stupid post and TOTALLY inaccurate. Any proof? data? or did the court find her innocent recently?
  6. I think legally they have to accept a cheque written on almost anything so I think my cheque book should be ok? but, yes, its a nightmare and i wondered if anyone else had done it.
  7. Supply and Demand but a friend tells me... that such luxury items are around 50% of what they were pre covid.
  8. Nothing goes through their minds I can assure you. They will do what they want - it's Thai style I'm very sorry to say.
  9. I have no bank cards or machine as they will not send them here - all expired in 2016. Now I want to drain my UK accounts down to 1 GBP and was just wondering if my cheque books from 2007/8 will be ok and I write myself a cheque?
  10. If they do that many will not go. I have been maybe 50 times and the thing driving up prices were the Koreans.
  11. Has anyone tried this? I have some GBP in Nat West and Nationwide and wanted to write myself a cheque - is it possible? I have a GBP account set up here.
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