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  1. Those who naively believed their lives will return to normal as long as they comply with governments’ orders, cold harsh reality will be slapping you on the face on a regular basis. This crisis was not manufactured by authoritarians in the west and fully backed by authoritarians in the east to let you off your leash so easily. Until you stop being complacent the leash will be getting shorter and shorter.
  2. So much ass kissing of the thai pm by this US citizen it can make you sick. Funnily all this ass kissing will be in vain. I am sure the pm is going orgasmic over all his emergency act powers and pleas coming to him from all directions. So many naive buyers of bridges still believing whatever bs politicians shove them.
  3. Half of the populations are so dumb they trust that what is being done is for their safety. A good part of the other half have suspicions that something’s not right but digging deeper would overturn their whole belief system so they usually stop in the comfort zone. Problem now is the comfort zone is getting smaller each day. This artificially manufactured crisis will be fully taken advantage of. Expect more “waves” and “viruses” in years to come now that this approach proved itself with almost no repercussions.
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