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  1. What makes you think they have little immunity against [b]severe[/b] symptoms of Delta and how is the vaccine developed against earlier form of the virus any different? Naturally acquired immunity from disease equals vaccination. This has been true for the last hundred years or so. It does not change with covid. You just repeat the narrative that sells vaccination.
  2. Are these all beds for patients that require oxygen? If i were sick with covid, i’d stay far far away from a hospital unless i had difficulties breathing on my own. What kind of treatment can be expected there at these hospitals for the moderately sick? Genuine question.
  3. Y’all of little faith, so much whining. It’s a bit stormy and rough waters. It gets darkest before the dawn. This winter we’ll be buying lotsa lady drinks because opening of Thailand will go as planned.
  4. Correction: not the virus surge kills chance, but suspension of economic activities kills chance.
  5. We don’t need economy any more. People can exist as souls. Physical body life is so overrated.
  6. Sounds about right, in 4-6 weeks most people will have caught the virus and vast majority will have recovered with their natural immunity.
  7. Half-truth. By the time Israel’s vaccination jabs developed antibodies (around March), many people had already been sick and recovered and acquired natural immunity (some were jabbed on top of that without checks if this is necessary). Now that there is a new wave, people still maintain this immunity, both natural and from vaccination. Sure vaccination does help but the narrative today is only vaccination is the answer, do it to everyone, whether that person already has antibodies or not. For agenda and profit. For the same reason by the time Thailand has jabbed a significant numbe
  8. You apparently didn’t get the memo. According to modern science all one needs is a magic vaccination jab to forget all the sorrows. Exercise, keeping body healthy and building immune system is so outdated. Staying confined waiting for orders is the modern day prescription. Medicine will cure all the side effects too. Keep buying pills, getting jabs.
  9. Singapore wants to stop freaking out for covid and to reclassify it as something more trivial than a very dangerous infection. Coming soon to all countries. Some, unfortunately, will have almost pushed themselves back to cave age.
  10. It’s already plateau’ing, probably due to reached capacity in testing but who cares. In one month the rates will be down as this wave burns itself out, even the loudest panickeurs will have to shut up. Sadly, the damage to the economy from knee-jerk reaction will stay.
  11. Pretty much. I look at it as a world wide IQ test to separate the uneducated folks, easily scared into submission with all the half-truths and lies fed to them by tv. Ridiculous quarantine rules are the only thing that holds back people who don’t fall for bs, from traveling back to Thailand. I will cut some slack for older sick people. They shouldn’t be traveling anyway.
  12. I don’t think the worst of this economic shock is there yet. Give it time, it’s a slow motion train wreck.
  13. I didn’t say it will be more expensive. I say tourists won’t see their usd or euro buy more than 2 years ago. The benefits of favorable exchange rates will be canceled out by increasing prices for goods and services. How much of a factor that will be is anyone’s guess. Some prices converted to international currencies will drop significantly, like real estate. But we’re talking about normal tourists here.
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