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  1. I know a British guy in Phuket that had a whole Condo block that he built from scratch stolen off him by some dodgy Thai's including a lawyer. He was 130 million baht out of pocket in the end. He tried the court route to no avail. Eventually he was forced to leave Phuket by some very influential locals. He ended up in Chiang Mai. He stayed there a few years. Eventually his money ran out and he returned to the UK. He was a decent person, a sad story and cautionary tale.
  2. A friend of mine was hit at high speed from behind while riding his bike. The driver was forced to stop because his bike was jammed under his car. My friend had similar injuries to yours, luckily he was wearing a decent helmet. He had good international insurance. The police never even bothered to show up at the hospital. He was in there for a week.
  3. The reason Thailand was never colonised is because the British and French wanted a buffer zone in between what is now Myanmar and Laos. Thailand being the buffer zone.
  4. He should receive the same punishment as if he kicked a Burmese migrant worker. The punishment should not be based on status. Oops, I forget where I was for a minute.
  5. Cool. Thanks for letting me know. I will pop in and say hi.
  6. Cheap Charlies bike rentals on Soi Pot Hole had 1 bike nicked the first week he opened. He had another nicked 6 months after that. He was never paid out on them. He was buying brand new bikes. It all went t1ts up in the end. I knew another guy on Soi Diana, I think he was from Manchester. He had a place called ''Escape car and bike rental''. It was opposite LK Metropole. Does anybody know what happened to him? Its a very difficult business for a foreigner. This was over 20 years ago.
  7. 6 to 8 large bottles of Leo knocks me out most nights. I keep a large bottle of water next to the bed which I consume on my nightly p1ss breaks. I don't eat after 5pm. Bed at midnight and up at 9am. I feel like cr@p for a few hours, usually by midday I am fine. I only drink water (lots of it throughout the day) and 2 x coffees in the morning. Eat twice a day. 6pm I'm back on it. Works for me!!
  8. The Black Cat Bar has been gone for well over 20 years. It was around the corner from the old Johns place. I was in there a few times in the mid ninety's. I remember the owner vaguely. It was probably the most well know bar in CM at the time.
  9. He had 2 other cars for sale. A wannabe dealer working from home.
  10. Was it a 10+ year old car? Maybe just bad luck? I can only speak from experience, I've had no major issues in the 12 years of owning Mercs. Fingers crossed. 100,000km and I am looking to move them on.
  11. I flew with them from Bangkok to Tokyo. 4 pax. Their ''business'' option was very good value. I forget exactly what I paid but from memory it was less than double the economy price. The lie flat seats were ok. Food was the normal Air Asia rubbish. It was from Don Mueang. No lounges, no frills but well worth the extra money in my opinion.
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