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  1. lol not ITV hub or BBC iplayer who find them and block them routinely You've now paid $99 for a worthless subscription TV Mucho had worked differently and simply not requiring any VPN in the first place
  2. I note TV Mucho has changed its package from the last time I was in Thailand obviously curtailed (February 2020) Any other similar style set ups ?? I literally only use it to watch soap catch ups (dont laugh !) and more than happy to pay usual monthly subscription (or annual)
  3. Nice report well done. On a personal note until every restriction (bar the insurance requirement) is completely lifted than I will not be going again I acknowledge that may well be Ad infinitum
  4. Until Thailand sweeps away all these oppressive restrictions right across the board including immigration less than 1% of 2019 arrival numbers will sweep through the doors at Suvarnabhumbi Their arrogance is breath taking at times. Destinations worldwide happily taking up the slack
  5. That hole must be getting exceptionally deep...............
  6. Errr no they dont fella lol They like all professional bodies can apply to a Judge to obtain access to an account should they consider the holder to be acting criminally They certainly do not have routine access to a bank account as you imply Notwithstanding how did the tax office somehow get involved in healthcare here lol
  7. Well you better tell half the expats around the world of your concerns......And yes I know for certain authorities are indeed idiots We are not talking about benefits heating allowances universal credit bogus billys ingrowing toenails sickness claim we are talking about remaining on a GP's list Out of interest I cant remember the last time I had a physical letter from the GP. 10 years maybe. Not seen a GP for about that time either. What I do get are SMS occasionally telling me about services available at the practice. I could be literally anywhere in the world
  8. Whilst it clearly would make no difference to the OP (before someone says it) I repeat what I've said before Never ever completely sever your ties with the UK especially GP lists. Use children/relations address for any correspondance etc The net has made it ever more easy to stay on a Doctors patient list
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