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  1. Stunning that you do not understand that people get bored with your propaganda ! And anyway at the end you lose, because economy and people daily life and work are more important than your theory. Countries will reopen as they should have never close, and yes some people will get covid and die, just as millions people who die yearly of any other cause, STUNNING THAT YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS !!!!
  2. Are you serious ? and you do not see any problem here ? I will never inject ANYTHING many years, I would get 2 jabs maximum and tell them to get F till the rest of their life !
  3. I just don't care other people reasons, I care my reason. Why should I vaccinate when covid is getting lower and lower ? I didn't get it after almost 2 years, so why should I get it later ? Anybody who is not a provax conspiracy theorist can reply please ? serious question ! thanks
  4. so wrong. the only reason why they give 5 years BSI is to allow cheap charlies to buy BMW (not you I know), this is the only reason why BMW sells more around the world than Mercedes.
  5. I think you are just dreaming to be able to spend, but you won't do it. You have self brainwashed yourself over the years, spending nothing, thinking about the future. There is now way that will spend your saving, especially because as most smart people you have kids and want to give them money. I am so proud to never have kids, because my millions are mine and I keep spending them unlike idiots who saved all their life to die with their money. Anyway just be honest, would you spend 3 MB at least on a Benz ? Clearly not, or you lie to yourself...
  6. yes, sure ! foreigners are idiots and will visit if there is no nightlife ! how can anyone be so stupid ?!
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