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  1. Wrong - the saying is " you can't out train a bad diet " but good attempt, you were close. Thus, i was right.
  2. Funnily enough i managed that on my own. It's easy to see why you have 86K posts with the drivel you write. Have you not got Ovaltine to drink or something, pls stop annoying me.
  3. People still worry about it, i find that amusing. I also find you amusing, do you still wear a mask?
  4. This sounds like the most sensible option. What's the calendar year, 1st Jan - 31st Dec?
  5. but yet you reply.....hahahaha
  6. I've bought property as a farang and did not need a lawyer. If you have the full cost, it's not difficult at all.
  7. This place is brilliant, think she's the wife of the 80 year old guy that stabbed his mate - w t f ???
  8. How on earth could you possibly know this is the reason?
  9. Stories like this seem to be unsually common here, very concerning.....
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