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  1. Only dangerous if you use equipment without anti-islanding provisions. My inverter is on the PEA approved list, many are.
  2. I should imagine it’s more efficient to replace all the meters together in a local area, especially if they’re on the same pole
  3. A good reason, not to register your solar installation with them
  4. if you look more carefully at what I said, I quoted two posts and replied to them separately, what you quoted was not the reply to your post. The reply to your post said nonsense and it listed a cannabis death posted in the news from overdose, specifically in reply to your comment, saying there had been no deaths from overdose ever.
  5. Whilst I agree with most of your post about China, I disagree that Thailand should protect its Japanese dominated auto manufacturing industry. It will be in decline for the next 15 years. EV uptake is not only inevitable, it’s government mandated across the major auto markets. If Thailand doesn’t grasp it’s share it will be taken up by other Asian countries. in an ideal world, the existing Japanese auto makers here would be leading the EV revolution. They failed to notice it was coming and invest accordingly and now it’s too late. I detest Tesla because it’s run on the whim of one man. Unfortunately, until last year Toyota was the same run by Akio Toyoda who hates EV’s with a passion. Consequently their big bucks are going into lobbying against EV uptake as was posted here last week. Thailand has done exactly the right thing by attracting EV automakers to Thailand, it’s sad that only the Chinese took them up on their offer.
  6. I bought a Smart car for my business and we stickered it up with our logo etc. Apparently it never got better than 25mpg. Disappointing for something tiny.
  7. IIRC the whole idea behind the government’s scheme to entice Chinese EV manufacturers here is to get them manufacturing for export. I’m sure they have plans to source the required local content here, they are probably already opening those “local” companies to do that.
  8. It has already affected my family. Myself and my two daughters have three SIM cards that I registered a few years ago and the bill for all three came to me as a joint family bill. Kasikorn Bank made them change the Sim card registrations at the mobile phone shop otherwise they were going to cease mobile banking. We did that last week, we all had to go with passports/ID.
  9. It’s normal for some supercars to get through tyres in 5,000 miles.
  10. It’s a well known fact that the fluctuations in Morrocan dates is linked to the uptake of EV’s worldwide. It’s the butterfly effect.
  11. I read that you implied producing EV‘s in Thailand was detrimental to the economy by comparing it poorly to production of ICE cars, whereas in fact it boosts the economy.
  12. You are welcome to use emoticans, probably, I haven’t a clue what they are. Or is it your spelling that’s a noshow Jonesy?
  13. Thailand has done an excellent job of signing up Chinese EV makers, for both domestic consumption and export.
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