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  1. What about a little quiz ? This famous car ended up like this after an electrical fault in the engine bay after a MOT back in the 80’s . It took 6 months and £12,000 (a princely sum back in the 80’s) to restore it back to its original state. Why was it famous ?
  2. There’s a lot of different types and tastes, plus there’s regular and pink. I used to eat it regularly but have gone off it recently, not really sure why. Same with beer, used to be a real p1ss head but don’t touch any alcohol now ( except a couple of social pints on my trips to the U.K..)
  3. So, i purchased a new tank from Lazada and fit it today. The clunky bang sound has gone: IMG_3960.mov I checked the old tank with a chopstick as suggested and found the bladder depth to be the same as the new one. Suspecting that the bladder has split allowing the nitrogen to escape or the nitrogen has leaked via another source. The old tank: IMG_3961.mov
  4. That’s what i was thinking, Pomelo ( somho ) like a big grapefruit with a thick skin, can get really big. Talad Thai in Navanakorn ( Rangsit )
  5. I have noticed the slowness of AN for a week or so already, on my iPhone and all other sites working normally. Yesterday i had an “ event “ , i usually have several tabs of AN open for quick access and each one would open with all the tabs showing and various other info showing as if clicked, very unusual. Today had another, all AN tabs refusing to open and and a “ download “ tab open on the bottom of each page. Both events were gone when I returned maybe an hour later and the AN forum back to normal, loading very slowly.
  6. Did you get wireless Apple CarPlay and the unnecessary 3 fingers adjustment of air con settings. ?
  7. I explained but you chose not to understand it. Emergency/Granny charger is a separate cable that is supplied with the car it has a 3 pin plug ( for standard wall socket) on one end and the other is a plug only for the charging socket on the outside of the car, dealer supplied is usually 10 amps but can buy 3rd party cables with varying amperage, has nothing to do with the wall charger. Now come back and say you couldn’t understand that !!
  8. But by using the wrong terminology he aims to mislead and then start his famous “ you didn’t answer my question “ routine. He never said car charger, he said actual charger which is meaningless. Flooding the thread with meaningless “what ifs” without any interest in the answers just to sidetrack a successful thread. Playground humour at its most basic level.
  9. Nope, I plug the other charging cable into the standard wall socket !!
  10. My home charger was supplied and installed by the dealer, it uses a secondary circuit from the house electrics (TOU meter) and gives me 1/2 price electricity at most times. Until this was all up and running i used the charging cable, also supplied by the dealer, into a standard wall socket. ( actually i have two of these as i bought one that will work with no earth present, necessary at the mil’s ) Both the wall charger and the granny charger ( yup, it’s not too fast ) plug into the same point on the car.
  11. Your question: ” So if your home charger has a problem, you are stuck.......? “ My answer: ”Nope, I plug the car into the mains…… “ What more info do you need ?? As usual your questions are answered but you don’t understand the answer .
  12. Nope, I plug the car into the mains or go to one of the many chargers nearby.
  13. Most PEA Authority offices will have a charger open 24 hrs with a cheap rate on weekends and at nighttime. My mil lives in a small rural town and the charger apps were showing the nearest charger to be 19km away on the highway, using the PEA app i discovered a charger 4km away just outside of town.
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