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  1. The Outlaws - several misfits doing community service in the U.K., with Stephen Merchant and Christopher Walken. This looks good, 1st episode on the Beeb last night. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt11646832/ Available on iPlayer.
  2. This part reminds me clearly of my experience: Renewed my retirement extension ( from an OA ) Sept 25th 2019 and traveled to the U.K. for a couple of weeks in early Oct 2019. The 40/400k insurance was already nailed on for new OA’s and rumours were abundant as to whether it would affect retirement extensions also. This would have been the ideal time to change to an O visa but i had just got my extension for another worry free year and after all i was planning to revisit the U.K. in March 2020, I could do it then …………. I had little option but to pay the cheapest LMG premium w
  3. I had a Honda Jazz for 4 years, loved it, spacious and reliable, 1.5 engine . Very versatile, with the rear seats down gives you the biggest load capacity in its class.
  4. Took a run out to Kong Khong Market Ayutthaya . While the water level doesn’t appear to have made it over the 3477 the houses and Wats on the Chao Phraya side are all flooded, up to about 1.2 metres in some places from what I can see. A definite increase since I last passed here about 2 weeks ago. The army are present giving assistance.
  5. I guess we will have to wait until some official notices are published to find out our fate regarding retirement extensions from an OA. If it is indeed the end of Sept 2022 that will be good news for me ( ext date Sept 25th ) as it will give me another year to make my decision, although dumping the OA in exchange for an O visa is high on my list.
  6. Where have you seen that date Joe ?, I have seen Sept 1st a couple of times. My ext date is Sept 25th. Plus, September only has 30 days.
  7. A couple claiming they have had iPads for 17+ and 19 years. What am I missing ? Wasn’t the iPad released in 2010 ??
  8. I took a look but it wasn’t to my liking, also tried Hinterland but gave up after 1 season. Now on DCI Banks, which I am enjoying, maybe because it is filmed in my old stomping ground and have seen some places I recognise already
  9. I did my border run ( to gain my 2nd year from OA ) back in Sept 2017 at Ban Phu Nam Ron crossing , 1hr west of Kanchanaburi . Enter Myanmar, get stamp and return back to border , takes less than 30 minutes and cost around 1000 baht. I will be looking there again to kill my OA if possible in light of the increase in insurance requirement. Of course, this is all irrelevant under the current situation and as stated above by @jackdd wait until February.
  10. I can only recommend you ask at your local health centre/hospital or Tessabahn if they have anything relating to your name , expatvac send their vaccination slots by a variety of mediums, email, sms or phone call. I am not out in the sticks but my expatvac appointment came via a regular email ( just a Thai female name no indication of any organisation ) and my name was spotted on a Tessabahn list by my neighbour.
  11. After having a quick look at the Apple Store I would go for this. 256gb for 16,900 baht, a better deal imho
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