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  1. Try AdGuard, I use it on iPad, iPhone and a Windows laptop.
  2. Well at least you don’t have any delay waiting for the statement which means a return visit another day for many. My IO charge 20 baht for copies, irrespective of quantity. Which is okay because they always like to have copies of all the pages of my bank book and copies of passport pages from donkeys years ago.
  3. Yes, I have to order my 12 month statement from Bangkok Bank , takes 3-4 days. Return to the bank to get statement and a letter, make a small transaction and update bank book then off to immigration, this takes all morning. 90 days done online so immigration visit once a year and is only 10 mins away, so all in all could be worse. The photo goes on their paper copy to be filed, often wonder where they store all this paperwork ?? but in the past have received receipts which are on the back of some expats paperwork !! The number of copies they make is also amazing, no wonde
  4. Some of the things you mentioned are common to other IO’s also. On my annual retirement extension ( done last week ) I also have to produce a 12 month bank statement, this is the 2nd year I have done this in line with some changes made to the financial requirements for retirement extensions. 200 baht for the statement + 100 baht for the bank letter. Bank book to be updated on the day of extension, I usually withdraw 1000 baht to enable the update to be dated correctly. A webcam photo is normal practice. Only the fingerprinting is something I have not seen
  5. Got discounts for the last few months, the bill was 1/2 the norm. Got this months bill yesterday, back to the normal pre discount.
  6. I am failing to see the connection between Big Joke/ 90 days online reporting and the Digital Passport !!
  7. Yes, I think these are all variants of the Covid19 vaccination certificate. Some posters are talking about a Yellow book that is available in some government offices for 50 baht as a “ Vaccine Passport “ but not sure if that’s accepted or necessary for travel .
  8. Yup, seems like overkill. I have 6 screenshots in a “ vaccine “ folder on my phone now ( cert from Medpark + the green cert from the QR code. + four screen shots from the app ), goes hand in hand with the paperwork needed for immigration !! ( bank book and 12 months statement !! ).
  9. Because you can’t go below 400k in the the year preceding your extension.
  10. Not all immigration offices will accept bank book only. My immigration requests a 12 month statement from their head office ( Bangkok Bank ) which takes 3-4 days to arrive plus the bank book updated on the day.
  11. Yes, NW used to charge me £22 for a standard transfer and £30 for an urgent transfer, both taking around 3 days Last time I did a comparison they had dropped the transfer charge but Wise still wins hands down with the better exchange rate .
  12. I think you are probably right, number of users, it started working again okay after 9pm last night and is still okay this morning. Took your advice and did a screenshot of the docs and saved onto phone.
  13. Okay, initially I got a message that translated as: “Notification number: Phone number not found in MOPHIC system, please contact the place where you received the vaccine number OK.” I emailed Medpark to add my phone number to their records and they sorted it within the hour. But, yours looks like a different problem, sorry.
  14. Last time I sent £10k from the U.K. I did a quick calculation on direct bank transfer v Wise transfer. £300 better off transferring with Wise compared to direct from NatWest ( at the time NatWest had dropped the £22 transfer charge also). It’s a no brainer to me .
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