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  1. Thanks for that - if you do notice that they are still there or have moved please do let me know. Thank you.
  2. Wow - learn something new every day. May I ask how you know such specific information? I can't imagine many people outside of the undertaking world knowing such a fact. Genuinely interested.
  3. Thanks for that. Have you ever tried House of Paella in Nimman (think it's soi 12 or 13) and if so, is it worth a visit?
  4. Possibly an AI generated new OP (along with a couple of others recently). Seems that this site is desperate for new members and is having to resort to this. The wording of these recent topics is very 'robotic'.
  5. Cheers - I'll give it a try. Few beers at the Hangout bar then a curry.
  6. Can you recommend a good Indian restaurant for when I am in Chiang Mai next month? I do recall you previously mentioning that one on Loy Kroh Road was pretty good. Is it the one on the other side of the road from the bar complex, up near the night market? (Think you cross a very small bridge just before you get there, name of the restaurant escapes me).
  7. Seriously, does anyone believe this crock of <deleted>e?
  8. Cock in a frock or chick with a dick - or is this non PC these days?
  9. My Mrs has no problem with dandruff when staying home in the North and not using aircon. However, if we go away and spend a month or two in an apartment then she regularly suffers from dandruff. I suspected it may be down to my heavy use of the aircon and I think this supports my suspicions.
  10. Such a terrible place yet you still stayed for a few months.........
  11. Off the topic a bit. I assume that you do not have too long left on your passport validity before renewal is required. No issues at any stage of the journey returning to Thailand regarding the expiration date eg less than 6 months etc?
  12. Anyone who has been outsmarted by an Aussie must be extremely dim indeed.
  13. Your post isn't a true reflection of what is being discussed here. Your examples are, in the main, all fixed rate modes of transport (other than possibly the tuktuk). There isn't really the option to be fare gouged on public transport.
  14. Bought these yesterday to ensure I can get my Marmite fix wherever I am without having to cart a jar around with me. 24 x 8g portions. £6 on Amazon UK.
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