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  1. 66yo picking fights over fuel. You might get killed next time.
  2. I look for great restaurants then go a few times. A great room plus a great restaurant makes a big difference to your view of the city.
  3. How do you get sick at 25? Cold is minus 10.
  4. Yet you choose to move from the west to a terribly run country in Thailand. So bad millions visit every year.
  5. A migraine is a very bad headache or severe headache. That's the definition of a migraine.
  6. I've gone Bangkok to Koh Chang. Nice road.
  7. Most hate Taksin or Trump. Why hate anybody? Hate is a sign your life isn't fun and therefore you are looking to blame somebody else.
  8. If all your dreams are behind you then you have nothing to live for.
  9. What causes migraines? Look it up
  10. 25 degrees and forget about it. 27 is hot.
  11. Just a bad headache likely caused by stress, lack of sleep or diet.
  12. Properly 90% the other way if bjj, judo or muay thai. Karate and TKD not so useful.
  13. So go for a month and sleep with other women? I could do that but that wouldn't be the right thing to do.
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