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  1. With VPN enabled I get 892 on the those dates, and 1162 for Eva on the 16 > 28 dates, so VPN indeed seems to give better results. Learned something new today
  2. Why don't I get the same prices, using the same search engine with the same dates. We are talking about 30% difference
  3. I wonder why they didn't use the actual cover photo in the OP. Especially the bottom line is interesting.
  4. This is what it shows me now. The bookings are through trip.com, which has a 5 star rating 1281 with EVA and 1245 with British airways and Thai return Can't post screenshot
  5. If you clicked on a sponsored link that said Thai airways, it obviously took you to the Thai airways website, so I guess the link you clicked was for Eva air. I flew in August and also checked through Skyscanner. Selected several links with multi choice agencies, and at the checkout the price was always worse, or with lesser conditions than directly from the airliner. After 4 tries I gave up and booked directly with Emirates through such a sponsored link Another tip is to always use private browser when searching Skyscanner, and have location disabled. Don't login with Google account when requested. Otherwise the deals will get worse with every search
  6. You mean Chiang Mai and Chonburi are sparsely populated provinces?
  7. If it says "sponsored" that me3an you buy directly from the airline. Click the link and it will direct you to the airline website
  8. You are replying to the same guy who bragged on here a few years ago that he had paid deposit on a beach front property, then had to resort to renting because crypto crashed
  9. The study doesn't even mention Chinese EV, so obviously they didn't even consider them worth, probably because so little are sold in the US. But when even BYD decides to release their truck first as a hybrid version, that shows they are looking at options other than EV. Only a blind man, or desperate EV defender, would see what is happening in the EV market worldwide. All major brands are currently investing massive amounts of money in combustion motors. Read the news.
  10. I never claimed that the EV itself is the issue, the study clearly shows that more than 50% of EV owners turn back to ICE vehicles.
  11. I take it you don't read many of Ralf's posts
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