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  1. "control what the people see " An interrupting orange clueless traitor.
  2. You need to be deprogrammed dude and you don't have to worry about me peeing on any of you Magats I wouldn't pee on any of you if your heart was on fire. i have nothing but utter contempt for you brainwashed parrots. Babble on
  3. Biden is above room temperature more than can be said for you.
  4. ? the rent here is ridiculously cheap ,western food is expensive if you have it shipped to you, Pickup trucks here are half the price of a pickup truck in America. They can get travel health insurance for now . Where will their money come from?
  5. The working class natives are prospering in the US don't expect it from America.
  6. Quite right she was mailing it to herself so she wouldn't get sick because her family and her had been introduced to the drug at early age.
  7. "White women can't handle being held accountable for their actions. " The article is about one white woman she was more than held accountable for her actions" "Far too many think they are above the law - and free from consequence." The article is about one woman and her experiences. "You can see that in the imbalance in sentencing when they are caught. And there's a bizarre synergy. Women love nothing more than reading about other women behaving badly". There was an imbalance in her sentencing but not in her favor. Your response to my post calling your post pitiful is to post a scientific study that has absolutely nothing to do with her situation or the article. Pitiful and bizarre . If anyone else wants to read an article about women competing with their rivals in relationships the link is above.
  8. your post is nonsense she wasn't pushing drugs sad how so many haughty folks on here jump to conclusions
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