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  1. As a guess 80% of 7 Elevens have closed in Pattaya, that must be 50-100
  2. Ignore all those requirements, based on real experience Bangkok Bank are pragmatic and a long stay visa isn't essential, Kasikorn on the other hand are sticklers for a long stay visa, the fact you need an account before getting a non imm O retirement goes over their head
  3. I'm due my 2nd later this month, if i get offered a 3rd in several months time aka a booster i may take it after some checking online
  4. This highlights 7 Eleven and Familymart are paying too much rent. Maybe that will change when they start signing new deals
  5. Another one closed on Beach road near 13\3, that was the busiest one, even that couldn't hang on, they cleared it last week. Presumably loads will open up again as soon as covid blows over and the tourists are back
  6. What's the fine for not doing it? probably less than flight costs anyway. He can prove his financials were fine at next extension anyway
  7. Bangkok Bank is best if you'll use Wise for money transfers as there is a process for them being "International" they are also a farang friendly bank, 2 particular branches, 2nd road by top of soi 6 and the one at entrance of walking street. I also have Kasikorn and Krungsri, both good but more difficult to open an account
  8. Good question, i changed my phone 6 months ago and can't remember needing to go to an ATM for the Kasikorn app install
  9. Dodgy dog, shouldn't bite for no good reason. Housekeeper will feel nervous in future
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