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  1. Borderline overweight, so looking at the range you could easily lose weight. Recheck your height again, guys shrink but use their old height. Looking in the mirror is a good test if the body looks ok or not
  2. Older condos are much better value, new ones do have inflated prices with daft rent vs older condos
  3. If you want to see owners ID or blue or yellow book just ask for it. Chanote is a bit big. The elec may be showing an old owner, not current
  4. They were probably checking you out, 2 land border visa exempts a year shouldn't be an issue, sounds like Poipet has improved
  5. There are YouTube videos, i checked it, too involved so i bought a new Mitsubishi
  6. i heard about a condo block in Jomtien that had 1500 for sale, 30 sold and stalled, Chinese and Russians have stopped buying
  7. i don't see that, it means they have a better opportunity to sell, my condo has loads of condos in thai name for sale for decades
  8. Yeah all true, also they like falang to build a house for them and their brother
  9. I cycle around 6am and often you'll get very drunk drivers in cars, you can tell because they drive really slow
  10. It's a good move, overdue, allows Thais to sell their condos to foreigners, currently so many can't be sold as Thais don't want them. A win win in Pattaya
  11. There's a clinic on Klang that does Laser for skin issues, maybe they do full checks also (Dr Somnuek Skin Laser Clinic)
  12. Personally i do most things early as do many people. Get back before it gets proper hot
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