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  1. If PCD thinks it's good to moderate maybe they can explain the smog yesterday in and around Pattaya
  2. He was replying to my 2 questions, first one was why the long term reason for transfer process stopped and when will it be fixed, it's likely he was referring to that, BB aren't doing their part of the process anymore. 2nd question was requesting my account to be tagged and they set that up. So, I reckon it's ok, nothing to worry about although it could change in the future, someone on Facebook is banging on about the central bank regulations have changed but couldn't back anything up
  3. I think Wise, thai banks, Immigration are happy money comes from abroad so is International. It seems Bangkok bank has changed part of their procedure but can still do tagged transfers, so it's ok, assuming it all works
  4. Just got a reply from Wise. They've tagged my account, I've done two transfers to BB using long term stay and general living expenses, both settling Monday, maybe due to holiday. I don't think the reason for transfer is relevant anymore but i thought I'd test it. In the first paragraph he says BB has changed their procedures, it doesn't make total sense as he's tagged it
  5. Some interesting posts on facebook, it seems Wise are trying to fix the problem by setting up the recipient more than once, once routed to BB so FTT other routing not
  6. With Line you should have ensured ID was set up, email etc before doing reset, same problem if you lose the phone. If no choice set up a new Line and live and learn
  7. She probably means she did a factory reset, back to settings when new, just look for the apps you want and install again, not complicated
  8. 51, the idea with carbs is you eat until full, remember that feeling? you don't tend to over eat because you guessed it, you are full
  9. Depends who you believe, i eat as many carbs as I want and lost 8kg easy, fats are the real enemy and starving yourself
  10. Apps install again easy enough, go on playstore apps you should be able to see the apps you installed before. I take a screen shot of my screens, so i can easy see the apps and position, i also save web pages to home screen
  11. I'll look again, I didn't see it the other day but may have missed it. I haven't tried Kopper but isn't it 4+% alcohol? puts me off I want at least 5%
  12. All sound very fatty, of course 3 or 4 sugars in tea or coffee is unnecessary. I'm not frightened of sugar, eat as much as I desire and fit and healthy, ideal weight. I avoid fatty junk most of the time
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