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  1. Well, with everything else pretty much falling apart at age hundred, a strong heart can be a real pain in the ass !
  2. @ phetphet Thank you for this very detailed report. It is very helpful. The process sounds to be easy enough. One question though: did you get medical certificate as 2 issued certificates at hospital ? Or did you just copy it yourself, to have 2 for motorbike & car ?
  3. Not a problem, as the drunk drive as fast as they can, and the stoned as slow as they can ????
  4. If the weight of handheld luggage would really matter for the planes balance, fat terrorists would just board as a team and midflight rise from their seats simultaniously, and move to one side of the cabin to bring down the plane. No weapons needed. Damn, now i gave them the idea . . .
  5. I recently discovered, that when you just enter the plain brand-name of any company you´re searching for, into the search bar, the first suggestion which comes up, is the link to their particular "Flagship Store", if there is one for that brand. Anyway, otherwise Lazadas search results are the usual hopeless endless mess of hundreds and hundreds of price-phishing shops, which all offer the same rubbish (reselling from Aliexpress) for fantasy prices. Tedious. I love Lazada, i hate Lazada.
  6. It´s just their solution to higher gasoline prices. They try to reach the destination quickly, saving gas by driving faster . . . ????
  7. You´re probably right. And in Mexico it´s some criminals, whereas in Thailand it´s stupid government policy.
  8. Well, in Mexico, they probably stick a gun in your face, and just rob you directly ???? The result is the same . . . .
  9. You´re supposed to visit temples and overpriced national parks, and play golf, don´t you know ?
  10. I just picked up my "Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate" (the little yellow book), for which i applied over 2 weeks ago. They moved the pickup point from the 3rd floor in the main building, to far behind the hospital, behind the place where they have this chinese medicine and massage area (called "room25"). From the mainbuilding turn right at the beachside, as if you were driving out of the area, following the oneway-system (only about 50m). Just before the road turns right again (away from the beach) drive straight, along the beach, until you reach the small river, which flows into the sea there. There´s the "Traditional and Alternative Medicine Department", where they hand out the vaccine books now. Don´t know if this is permanent, but it looks like.
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