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  1. I'm Scots and proud of it. I'm British and proud of it. But. I never expect to see either again. Here I stand and here I will remain. Yes, it can be frustrating, even downright annoying at times. But it's beautiful and the people are mostly kind. It'll do for me.
  2. Historically, one thing that always stimulates an economy is a war. Let's hope he doesn't decide on that.
  3. "near impossible to sell" Drop the price enough and anything sells.
  4. Hua Hin sounds good for this. or Phuket, or........................ anywhere but Pattaya please, we have enough troubles without this!
  5. Were it me, this would have accidentally fallen over, the tank too after it sprung an accidental leak.
  6. I'm in Pattaya, no borders for a long way, we get the "haze". They can't blame other countries for here.
  7. Sitting in a bar on Hellfire Corner in Pattaya with a camera, that's your beer paid for right there.
  8. I find it amazing that they can look at a virus and make a vaccine like making a key for a lock.
  9. I'm with Kasikorn, I've set my account (using the app) to allow ATM withdrawals of ฿60,000 a day. But. An ATM will only give me 30 notes, normally that's ฿30,000, but if it runs out of ฿1,000 notes and gives me ฿500's, it's ฿15,000. So, if I need that ฿60,000, I have to use the ATM twice, or 4 times if it's out of ฿1,000's.
  10. Do you expect them to not react to new information? Omicron is a big change, we don't yet know if it's for good or bad, but if they wait to react until they're certain, it would be too late.
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