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  1. I got to the stage where I couldn't increase my pensions much and work was becoming unbearable. I was living between trips here and having no real life in the UK. So, bit the bullet, sold up, and moved at 61. 4 years down the line, not regretting it yet.
  2. I bought last year. Used a solicitor so that I could be certain everything was above board. Perhaps you should too.
  3. Why please? Smaller roads are great for seeing the sites, but toll roads/motorways are best for getting from one part of the country to another. In most countries anyway.
  4. If they let big bikes, with big bike licence, on the toll roads, it would be worth upgrading.
  5. My local restaurant has fish 'n chips, with local fish and cod 'n chips, with "Atlantic cod", which is ฿100 more, but a lot better. Now if I could only get them to make good tartar sauce!
  6. The Romans built a lot of roads across Europe. Whatever benefits they had for the countries they were built in, their ultimate purpose was to facilitate fast troop movements. They worked and the Roman Empire lasted a long time by anyone's standards. Just saying.
  7. Most politicians shy away from absolutes like that. It could come back to bite him.
  8. Bars closed, nightclubs closed, GoGos closed. Can't even have a beer with a meal. Tourists will flood in.
  9. Tell the potential British tourists that they can come, but the bars and clubs will be closed. They'll be queueing at the travel agents, for Spain. Some though, especially those who've been here before, won't believe how closed it is and will come anyway. Those should be fun to watch.
  10. So, how many new high-end tourists will this bring? 10? 100? No more I think.
  11. I tried to change mine and was told I couldn't as the government had already allocated my second dose to the first hospital. As it happened, through another of the schemes, I got a new appointment more locally, so I took that and cancelled the first one.
  12. My wife had her second dose yesterday. Sinovac + AZ. When registration opened, she went to the school beside Wat Chai and registered, the actual appointments were at Pattaya City Hospital and came by text. For a change I, as a foreigner, was vaccinated before her, a Thai.
  13. Should it happen, yes. Will it happen, no. All a full review would do is to add complexity; new rules on top of old.
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