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  1. Ditto for Pattaya. After the Big Flood the Bangkok developers came to town--Lumpini, Sansiri, Supalai, Raimon Land, and SC Asset all built big projects. Several built 2, Sansiri built 3, Lumpini built 4.
  2. If the condo you are considering is owned by a Thai, make sure there is foreign quota available. I think some buyers and sellers have done informal sales with no sales contract and no deposit where they both agree to show up at the Land Office on a certain day. With a signed sales contract there is usually a deposit. The sales contract should spell out everything in detail, including things such as: deposit, what items convey, date of possession, penalties if one party backs out, walk-thru on or before date of sale, who pays closing costs, condo maintenance fee refund, if any, et
  3. My partner and I always use a cashier's check in the seller's name. We also require this when we sell a condo. We don't hand over the cashier's check to the seller until we have received the chanote at the Land Office. Although it's not absolutely necessary, I would suggest you have a lawyer who speaks English and Thai assist you with your first transaction. He can review the contract and point out any red flags and add or delete anything you want in the contract. On the closing date, he will accompany you to the Land Office for the transaction, help insure that the process goes smoothly,
  4. Pattaya is also getting lots of Bangkok people on weekends. The north Pattaya Beach area is busy with those staying at the nice hotels there, with Terminal 21 steps away. Jomtien and Wong Amat are also busy with Bangkokians who own getaway condos in those areas--in projects like Lumpini Park Beach and Baan Plai Haad.
  5. Am I the only one finding it hilarious that we have these old, clueless, incompetents apparently sitting around and weighing the 'value' of various countries before bestowing on them the supreme honor of 'allowing' their citizens to visit Thailand. Too funny. They will be lucky if anyone shows up with their requirements still not nailed down and it's the middle of October already.
  6. Middle of October already and they are still rearranging the deck chairs. Pathetic.
  7. No quarantine, no COE, no Thailand Pass, no testing on arrival, no selected hotels, no selected countries. No, no, no. And, a final no. No tourists will be showing up in any numbers until there's just one requirement: fully-vaccinated.
  8. If you get what you want, you are not being 'shafted'. My partner and I sold 2 condos in Rayong about 10 years ago this way. At the time there was a very strong agent with a lot of Scandinavian buyers. We listed our condos with him and he asked us what we wanted to net with each one--the amount of money we wanted to walk away with. We told him and in short order he found buyers for the first condo we had renovated and then the second one we bought and renovated about 6 months later. When we told him our net price, we knew what we had spent and we had a good idea of what similar
  9. Certainly true that from the government's prospective a millionaire likely will 'contribute more' than a shoestring pensioner. I would argue, though, that the government should be aiming somewhere in between the two. And, trying to attract more expats like me, and all the expat friends that I know, living here year-round. None of us drive Lambos but we all own nice, late model regular cars. None of us own mansions but we all own nice condos or houses, some of us several. We employ gardeners and maids, pool cleaners, and use and pay many other service workers as we maintain our c
  10. Folks. I think we have this year's winner of Dumbest Asean Now Headline.
  11. Short answer, no. Not with what has been proposed, which seems to have been formulated by too many clueless cooks. Instead of going after a few millionaires, (and a few is likely what you'll get), why not concentrate on the next tier below. Open that up and have a number of different programs--and, especially, have some geared to expats already here, to keep them here.
  12. Had several rental condos a number of years ago, all sold. Still have a bkk condo and a Pattaya condo my partner and I use. No crying in my sleep.
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