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  1. You have absolutely NO idea what you're rambling on about. There's a vast amount of scientific evidence that a lack of certain body chemicals "serotonin" for one, can cause severe depression. I wasted some 40 years of my life being undiagnosed. Not much was available on the subject way back when. I've been taking prescribed medication for the past 22 years, and will continue till the day I drop off the perch. Had I been diagnosed in my youth my life would have been extremely different.. I purchase my meds via the local govt hospital at a "reasonable" price. They are available over the counter
  2. I've just ordered. I'll let you all know if it works as expected.
  3. I'll probably get a negative response to this... But ! "to be honest we dont want you here.." Some of you must live in a different Thailand to me. I've been here permanently over 7 years now. Travelled extensively. Driven over 85,000 km. Lived in a few different places. Mostly up-country. I agree somewhat to your comment if in BKK or Pattaya, but once outside the tourist traps I've always been treated respectfully. I have all the usual dealings with immigration, banks, insurance companies & service providers. I've never encountered a negative vibe. I have excellent neighbours who often dr
  4. Received from BKK hospital Udon this morning. we apologize for the inconvenience caused by the large number of users of the system the hospital. therefore, we request that the system be temporarily closed. this will reopen on thursday, october 21, 2021 at 8:30 a.m.
  5. Re above post. another photo from a close by location. Yes, I know. Just like so many other places.
  6. I realize this is a very long shot, but worth a try. I'm trying to locate a town in the Mukdahan area. The attached photo was taken over 10 years back. Any members have any idea where this might be ? Thanks all.
  7. Hi all. Anyone out there know if there are any audible blinker units for bikes ? In particular Yamaha Aerox. I often find my blinker still flashing after it's needed. Thanks in advance..... Mal.
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