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  1. Hopefully in 3 years we will be further on with vaccinations which will make things easier as it did with flu although I don't think it's as likely to cause death but maybe back then it was different. It's likely that Covid vaccines will be needed in future so we won't go back to the way it was but I think that's something we can cope with. There doesn't seem to so much terrorism on planes (hijacking, bombs etc) as there used to be but most of the security measures are still in place which may be why terrorism incidents are less. We may need that with Covid. What might cause
  2. Whilst it may not be perfect it's possible to live without alcohol. I had my last drink in Rayong before flying back to the UK just over a year ago and I'm still alive. Unless lack of alcohol causes an enlarged prostate I've had no ill effects. I'd be more worried about workers effected by people not going out to eat because they can't have alcohol. Having said that I'm not sure if an alcohol ban is really needed. The usual reason given is that there are some people who drink more than they can handle and then act irresponsibly. You can use sunscreen just not with certain ingredien
  3. Maybe it was just water. That's another way to avoid shortages. I had my AZ jabs in the UK with the first one in February and the second must have been in May and the only problem I had was a slight ache in that arm after the second one but I was having problems there anyway so there may be no connection. Otherwise nothing at all. I do know people that were unwell for a day or maybe two but that's far better than covid symptoms. My son who is 41 had it just before Christmas and although he didn't have to go to hospital he was unable to do much for some time and spent one day in a
  4. Just a quick update. I've received the x-rays my wife posted. Looking at the details on the envelope it seems she posted it at 12.45 on 1st September and it was delivered to me in the afternoon on the 17th. On the Parcelforce label it says 'Correlation date 15 Sep' which I guess would be the date it was entered into the UK postal service or at least when Parcelforce took charge of it. Not too bad. At least it got here and I believe there was a quicker service if needed.
  5. I assume there hasn't been a trial yet so he's not been found guilty. Also if the police and judiciary allow what is basically a lynching they're admitting they aren't doing their job properly so they aren't needed and should be sacked. I think the word for that is anarchy. The sentencing may well be wrong but I don't think this is the way to deal with it. Imagine you're driving along a road and for example you hit a pedestrian and kill them, what happens then? You may not be at any fault at all or maybe you were distracted and you may have stopped sooner or maybe it was your fault. That'
  6. I'm assuming this is a joke. At least I hope it is. Afghanistan is at the top of that list and I'm fairly sure they're a bit Islamic and with just a quick scan there's Oman and Egypt as well. That's without a full check.
  7. Yes it's a bit confusing and I think badly written and laid out. I think this refers to last year and is the caption under the picture which is also from last year. At that time Thailand seemed to be doing pretty well although you can never be entirely confident in figures coming from the government. This year is a completely different matter.
  8. Thanks for the information. Looks like I'd better visit as soon as possible then while I still can.
  9. You're right but who's letting them in without vaccination or treating?
  10. I have balance problems so I'd have to take that into account. I'm thinking of getting a stick of some kind to help on those frequent occasions where there's nothing to easily hold onto.
  11. Does anybody know what might be the best way to post some dental x-rays to the UK. There's no financial value in them and losing them would just be annoying. My guess would just be the Thai postal service but if anyone has a better idea then I may try that. I think I used Thai Post when I had to return documents to the UK when I sold my house to my daughter and that worked ok. I'm sure most of them were just emailed to me and I printed them out so if they were lost I'd just have to do it again.
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