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  1. You're right and that's really the point I was making. You can make all the rules you want but it often seems they aren't enforced so you end up in the same situation as you would without the rules in the first place.
  2. I think you're right but I'm not sure that Thais are as interested in actual Buddhism as they are in monks and temples. When I first started coming to Thailand I bought a book on Theravada Buddhism so that I could better understand it. It was a bit like reading a London tourist guide book in New York. Very interesting but totally irrelevant to the current situation. I read all about the 5 precepts and noticed that many Thais seemed to have confused them with a to do list. The best way to stop a Thai talking to you is ask difficult questions about Buddhism. How do you eat meat without killing o
  3. I'm not going to Thailand on holiday as I live there so I don't know what difference this will make to tourists but things can change so quickly and announcements are made by all sorts of officials which are then contradicted. You mention lax implimentation of rules so even if there are rules stopping crowded bars and nightclubs and I've no idea how they will word those rules, will they be implimented? If it's as rigorous as other rules such as wearing a helmet on a bike I doubt anyone will notice.
  4. I live in Mahasarakham with my wife so neither of us recognise this but hopefully someone else will. I sent the picture to my wife as I'm still in the UK now and she said that looking at the sign on the building it's a local office in Mukdahan but she can't read which one. I think she said it was probably a Tambon office so that might be a place to start looking. I don't know how many there are. If someone comes on with the answer it will save a lot of time. Edit: I assume there was no location data on the file since it was so long ago.
  5. I'm not sure we need to hear about your sexual preferences. Not that I don't agree, just don't tell my wife.
  6. That's true but it reduces the risk and severity. Nothing is ever going to be 100%.
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