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  1. That's not always true but from what I've heard it's what generally happens so maybe this is sort of good news
  2. A nice idea and worth trying but I'm not sure if it would help. There's no cost involved in putting on a seatbelt or the helmet that's in the basket on your bike or hanging off the handlebars but they still won't do it. If it were done in conjunction with legislation and enforcement then perhaps it would make a difference but I don't think I need to point out the problems with that idea.
  3. I hadn't noticed that. My guess is that the plural isn't that important and is basically part of the requirements when you come as a tourist as they always want to know where you're staying. However it's never easy to know for sure
  4. The term 'global warming' was coined by an American scientist I think. Unfortunately that just gave the tabloid newspapers the opportunity to print stories and made up pictures of people sunbathing in places like Hull, Grimsby and other places they normally think of as wet and cold. That's in the UK and I imagine other countries had something similar. This distracted from the fact that although the Earth is warming it disrupts and changes the climate in various ways hence 'climate change'. As an example if the Gulf Stream is affected then that will reduce the temperature in the UK.
  5. 7. Have negative test results before travelling domestically without quarantine. Will the test you have when you arrive count for that? If not it looks like you'll have to wait another day for a second test.
  6. I'd already decided to spend Christmas in the UK and then fly out probably before new year but I need to go to hospital so that backs up my plan. Others like you have other circumstances you need to deal with in the best way you can. Good Luck
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