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  1. The border crossing at Arunothai has never officially opened. All the borders are currently closed to recreational travel, I believe. While the political situation in the area of Myranmar next to Arunothai is relatively stable, the area around Arunothai has historically and currently been a place where drugs cross the border. When the army intercepts groups carrying loads through the mountains, shootouts are common. If you want to line up a good bike, Chiang Mai would have a far larger selection. In Chiang Dao, the managers of Dek Doi Khamin Springs love that kind of stuff and hav
  2. Never seen any resident farang when I go to the market there, or any sign of farang hangout places. Definitely check out Mikrocosmos craft beer restaurant in Chiang Dao (not open every day) for really good craft beer and very good farang food (like wild boar sausage, Belgium frites). Hipster kind of place, but if you start talking beer you’ve got a conversation. know a couple of younger guys who like to go adventuring up in that area. They’ve strayed over the border a few times and run into some heavy Wa (yes, Wa, not Shan) soldiers with big automatic weapons, so keep that in mind.
  3. Some people are interested in new ideas and capable of changing their minds. Others are are always correct so never need to listen to others.
  4. I have a Chinese chestnut tree (Sterculia Monosperma) that is about 8 meters tall. We are enjoying the nuts now as well as the striking red seed cases. My question is, is this tree self pollinating? The fruit set was not very great, and mostly on lower branches. While we only have the one tree, there are almost certainly some in the neighborhood as we were asked if we wanted to go into the woods to pick some.
  5. Make sure the hole for the toilet in the floor is far enough away from the wall or both the tank lid and the seat won’t fit right.
  6. 1. Look at slopes and water flows and put drains around house for flooding. Flat ground can flood without any outside water if/when you get extremely heavy rain. A few hours of 3cm an hour rain will cause flooding almost anywhere. 2. If using wood, go for recycled old hardwood house wood. Resistant to termites and warping. 3. Get the best electrician you can find. Good company in Fang, you can PM me. 4. If cleaning gutters (which do collect rainwater) is going to be dificult, consider French Drains instead 5. Consider having all the electric outside the walls to facilitate
  7. Year 5 of landscaping 10 rai. Laundry, which I don’t mind, especially since my wife does most of the cleaning and all of the cooking (expertly).
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