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  1. Thank god, we didnt hear from him is so long... I was worried that we may have lost his light in the darkness insight...
  2. I think you are giving the guy who placed the ad too much credit. he just wasnt saa-mart enough to place an ad that described what he was really looking for. i.e. he is saa-toopid, not clever
  3. if I was the tourist minister in a country that competes with thailand for tourist, I would be plastering this info across the internet and to travel agents
  4. criminals by definition dont follow laws the cities in the usa with the strictest gun laws, nyc, dc, chicago, and la have the highest gun violence rates
  5. a conservative is a liberal who has been robbed at gun point
  6. Thailand's health minister couldnt go to a who meeting due to not meeting the vaxx standard, and now thai style democracy is shunned by the world democracy meeting. Reality is a harsh mistress Best in thailand doesnt mean much on the world stage. No wonder the thais hate foreigners Foreigners dont buy their bullshxttt Its the ultimate loss of face
  7. nice yellow mask on this escapee from the loonie bin
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