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  1. I would say the it represents the comment spewed up by the bigot quoted in the headline...
  2. am a narrow minded bigot who thinks mine is the only view that counts.
  3. No. Read the thread. As long as people are in the changing room they are entitled to be in, I’m fine with it. No. I have answered all questions related to my posts. Read the thread if you wish to see them.
  4. A: First sentence you: I responded succinctly. B: Third sentence you: you are incorrect as I did answer. C; Final sentence you: nonsense but keep telling yourself that if it keeps you happy.
  5. a headline is just that, a headline. His entire quote was added in the first paragraph and made absolutely no difference to the nature of the hate contained in his words.
  6. “Michael Knowles Says Transgenderism Must Be ‘Eradicated’ at CPAC”
  7. What, like saying a section of society needs to be eradicated...
  8. One always says ''probably'' due to the trolls active on such threads...
  9. Therefore they are probably hers in the eyes of the law.
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