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  1. Or just force someone who is completely innocent to confess to something they did not do. Convict someone, anyone, anyhow, the logic that has led to wrongful convictions and appalling miscarriages of justice throughout history, modern and ancient. Thankfully the bib in this case appear to be following a more rational course than you.
  2. You are wrong, you just don't like the evidence so you say it doesn't prove anything.
  3. And I'll stick with the evidence. https://climate.nasa.gov/evidence/
  4. I have no reason to doubt the evidence acquired, just enjoyed seeing the word ''aplenty'' used.
  5. Ah my mistake-misread OP...however are those being used to produce this product awaiting trial or awaiting sentencing. I always thought remand centres were not prisons as such.
  6. Would that be people awaiting trial or those awaiting sentencing who are being subjected to these tests?
  7. Yes, but so would most people, regardless if they were guilty or not...
  8. ''Police say they have evidence aplenty'' You just don't see the word 'aplenty' used enough these days. That has cheered me up for reasons I cannot explain.
  9. Apologising for China? Man, you are so predictable. Please specifically say where I did that. Be accurate... China's record on the environment [like that on human rights] is appalling and is probably one of the major factors why we could fail to meet the targets set to avoid permanent climate change. However to say china alone is responsible is ludicrous. Oh and the bbc report did point out it is not just the uk planning to expand fossil fuel production...
  10. That’s not just China. The U.K. and other nations have plans to increase fossil fuel production. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-58971131.amp It is not only china’s President that is not attending. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/europe/putin-cop26-climate-summit/2021/10/20/a3c80208-319c-11ec-8036-7db255bff176_story.html
  11. I'll tell it to whoever I choose to rather than blindly basing it upon ethnicity...
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