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  1. With the K+ App I did neither, it was pretty straightforward. Your screenshot seems to be from the website, I previously mentioned the App. I can’t remember the fees, but at the time I thought them to be reasonable.
  2. "Has anyone else used the Kbank app to transfer money out of Thailand" "Can I just download the Kbank app and then transfer baht out to my Australian bank account without and paperwork?" Yes, I have used the K+ App a number to send funds out of Thailand, I found it to be pretty straightforward provided the transfer met the criteria. Yes, once you have the app you can transfer funds for a number of reasons, you do have to confirm the reason for the fund transfer. I've only ever used it to send cash to Singapore and Malaysia, though Australia is on the list, w
  3. If you've married in the UK, you're married anywhere in the world, including Thailand, there's no need to inform the Thai Embassy. If she's taken your name, that would have been her choice as there's no requirement to do so, she should change her passport and ID card, I don't think there's a rush to do so, but any flight tickets she has booked should reflect the name in her passport.. Congratulations
  4. I made the second transfer yesterday, that has just arrived, also with the FTT code I’d hoped for.
  5. Having a sponsor is not a requirement, if she can satisfy the decision maker that the proposed trip is genuine, affordable from her own means and that, on the balance of probability, she will leave the UK at the conclusion of her proposed trip, then in all likelihood her visa will be granted.
  6. Without wishing to be pernickty a sponsor cannot guarantee anything other than say that a proposed course is in place or to say they would provide funds and could afford to do so. In the event that visa holder overstayed the sponsor couldn't be held to account.
  7. It working OK for me, so I'll close the thread. If there are further issues do let me know and I'll reopen it.
  8. I made a transfer via Wise on Friday, and was half expecting to be in the same boat as a number of other members despite using the "long stay in Thailand" route, but it hit my account with Bangkok Bank about twenty minutes ago with the FTT tag. I'd only sent half of what I needed on Friday, with the intention of sending the other today via Swift from my bank if I didn't get the correct code, I'll now send the other half via Wise. It seems to be very hit and miss, and not good for my stress levels at my age.
  9. A couple of weeks I think, the funds just appeared back in by account. They did send me a letter, but to an old address.
  10. I had a Bangkok Bank debit card, I'd never used it physically or online, in fact it's never left a drawer at home. I received an SMS from the bank that it had been used for a EDC transaction for just over 2,000 Baht. I notified Bangkok Bank that I hadn't made or authorised the transaction, they required a police report after which the cash was refunded. I have absolutely no idea how it happened, and I've not bothered to get a new card.
  11. Do think this will be a surprise to her, or do you think she probably knows it's coming?
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