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  1. I opened this account primarily to receive cash from TW, I have made a couple of deposits from a KK account, but I didn't receive Credit Notes from them.
  2. Yes, I read all this when I became a customer of TW years ago, though I'm not sure that trawled through them evrytime there's an update, though I can't speak for yourself or others. I certainly didn't read through them again when they introduced the "long stay in Thailand", option when they introduced the BKK Bank FTT workaround, or again when they, seemingly, arbitrarily dropped it.
  3. It was a couple of years ago, I went into my branch in Hua Hin and mentioned credit advices, maybe when I was getting statement, as I recall the guy volunteerd the information that I could register to receive them via email automatically, he filled out a form, I think it was a generic form with a number of options, I signed it, and I've been getting them every month since, the last one was 45 minutes after the SMS arrived informing me of the deposit. It has this on the bottom, so it must be automatic This is a computer generated advice. No authorized signature is required.
  4. I receive my credit advice from Bangkok Bank as an attachment to an email, have been getting them for a couple of years. Bangkok Bank <[email protected]> Tue, 14 Sept, 14:47 to me
  5. Well maybe not the only answer, but certainy an option. I bank with Santander in the Isle of Man, and whilst it's a Sterling account, bizarrly, I couldn't send GBP to Thailand via the online portal, I needed to call them, though I've just this minute checked and you can do so now, I haven't this route for a couple of years so wasn't aware of the change. Previously they used an intermediary bank to send here, who also charged £25 or so for their trouble, I don't know if this still applies. My other option is via Bangkok Bank in London, which I've also used before. With both of these
  6. When I mentioned a credit advice to my branch the chap I was dealing with advised me that I could register have them sent automatically, I did so and one arrives about 30 minutes or so each time after I get an SMS saying "theoldgit has transferred THB00,000 to account 0000000), there's no fee for this service. I made a transfer on Friday, tomorrow afternoon I'll know if my fears are unfounded or whether I need to make another transfer, via another route, to get the magic tag
  7. But that’s still the route of the problem, the statements from the UK would show transfers to Wise, mine certainly would, but unless the FTT codes are reinstated, I doubt very much if BKK would issue a letter confirming the funds came from overseas. As it’s to meet a requirement by Immigration, I honestly can’t see them working their way through a paper trail, especially with their inconsistencies.
  8. But using Wise the funds don’t strictly speaking come from abroad, so unless Bangkok Bank continue to give the FTT coding, as they’ve done for the previous two years, I suspect the statements, bank book and credit advices, my local office require all three, won’t have that info and neither with the covering letter. I think many members, including myself, would be only too pleased to supply the evidence that we used previously, and if our various consulates still supplied income source letters, that would solve the issue. I’ve still got the option of sending from my IoM
  9. I think that Bangkok Bank and Wise are both ok, and do the tasks they were both set up to do. It seems to me that the problem arises when people, like me, wish to use Wise to satisfy the scrutiny of Thai Immigration Officers that they bring in the required funds from overseas every month, when the funds aren’t really being imported. Wise introduced a workaround, which now seems to be broken, albeit not for everybody, leaving a lot of us high and dry, and it seems that there is a reluctance by Wise to address the problem.
  10. Not using HSBC but I had a hiccup sending funds from our joint Santander account in the Isle of Man to Wise a couple of times last year. I sent online and Wise said that they didn’t know that it from an account held by wife and I, they wanted all sorts of evidence that we were the account holders. It later transpired that Santander were using a subsidiary to send the cash, which didn’t have our name on the account. That issue seemed to have resolved itself, with the current one waiting in the wings.
  11. An applicant for a UK Passport can nominate anybody to act as their agent, agents don’t need to be accredited, just supply the correct documentation and authorisation from the applicant. There are a number of agents who provide this service, including at least two in Pattaya.
  12. I sent them an email earlier in the week, I’ve just received their stock answer from their Indian call centre. I’ll see if they respond to my follow up email regarding their hit and miss “long stay in Thailand” button. I initiated a transfer last night, let’s see what happens on Monday.
  13. After my wifes appointment for AZ in Hua Hin was postponed, we went to Bangkok and got a jab there.
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