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  1. Thanks again, I can come out of my partly done application and re-enter as I get information to add to it then? I will apply in UK for a PCR test but isn't that leaving it very short to get the result and enter it in on a Thailand Pass application and then confirm the hotel? I was thinking the PCR test in the UK 72 hours before would be used as proof at the airport before allowing us to board, and then showing this in Thailand on arrival, then taking another PCR test in Thailand. I didn't realize I would need it for the Thailand Pass online appli
  2. @NanLaew OK Cheers, I get it now. I am No Quarantine double vaccinated. BKK-MAN-BKK.
  3. @Salerno Cheers , thanks a lot. I find it all so much easier though on a desktop instead of fiddling around with a mobile phone. I am not panicking, it is what it is and I will just find the way to get it done.
  4. If I am returning to Bangkok on November 20th, how soon can I do the online form to enter Thailand? The passenger locator form cannot be completed for the UK until 48 hours prior to flying. Is Thailand similar with the COE /Thailand Pass? I am aware and like others, awaiting the online Thailand Pass that is replacing the COE. I like to get stuff done way in advance id it is possible to do so whilst I have access to a desktop PC. Also, what is this difference between AQ or SHA+ hotels that are coming up? as well as ASQ?, are they all similar or is there a mar
  5. Yeah, Also, I think I am a bit Covid fatigued, I normally get home to my home country twice a year or countries in this region and it keeps me sane. It's been a long 2.5 years for me without leaving and constant rule changes. Hopefully, things are turning the corner for everybody and here's hoping more normality.
  6. I agree, And if you close down negative parts ( to them) like the sex industry, will it make families come to a country that is still corrupt, lawless, dangerous, dual pricing, jet ski mafias,taxi mafias, unclean beaches, broken roads and dangerous pavements? I don't think it will. It hasn't got enough going for it. It's not family friendly, elderly friendly nor disabled friendly. It built a tourist country largely on the back of the sex industry. Other countries such as Vietnam and Malaysia etc did not. They are trying to ' sanitize ' certain aspects that t
  7. Yeah, I think you are right and I most certainly need you to be right when I am flying on the 2nd November! Always last minute with these guys, but as you say.......TIT.
  8. Seems a bit ' clear as mud " what is the difference if I book a hotel in Bangkok for one night between the SHA+ and AQ option? Are we just waiting now for these lists of acceptable hotels to be published along with the Thailand Pass scheme? And can we take it that the test will be conducted at the hotel as opposed to the airport? If so, surely they will arrange transportation and add the cost to the price package ? OR Just wait and all will be revealed. That's always a worry.
  9. They have to be aware for any kind of opening to go ahead from November 1st, they must get a move on with the new Thailand Pass system. They say it will be easier and faster as people are not having to wait for Embassies and so forth and this will be an online product. We shall see what happens in the near future.
  10. You never know, you might get upgraded, I have found for myself through experience, that they usually do that in Doha though, and not the UK-DOHA leg of the trip.
  11. Yeah but when travelling in Q suites and the standard of planes, it's great to get off in the Middle East, get a shower and sample the business lounges! Also, Manchester is not a hub or place really that goes direct to Thailand. I am happy with my decision. those trumping on about the service offered in THAI are really living in a different era regards business class standards. I have flown business with THAI, EVA, Emirates, KLM, Etihad, and Qatar of course, and no other airline comes close. I would love to fly business with the Japanese airlines
  12. Great.......but not when I am going to Manchester! Thai planes and service cannot compete with Qatar air planes, service or Q suites!
  13. I think you'll find India on the list, Thailand is more interested in which countries will come here and in good numbers to spend money and India will rank up there with the best of them. I also am just awaiting further clarification from the Thai authorities to start organizing a hotel and what documents need to be uploaded and to where, etc for my return but as yet we haven't even got details of the online procedures but they are supposed to be coming very shortly. Good luck with your knee surgery.
  14. I don't read it that way! That says that they are floating an idea that local people and local travelers may, before setting off on a long trip, say for example, from Bangkok to Roi Et or Khonkaen have to prove 2 doses of vaccine ( fully vaccinated)and a negative PCR test The foreigners arriving in the country will have already cleared this obstacle on entry to the Kingdom with their PCR test on arrival. It seems to be leveling the playing field with foreign and domestic travelers
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