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  1. I have not seen anywhere you need a yellow book only proof of vaccine which I have on my app and in printed for with a stamp from the hospital. Kalasin hospital told me they do not do or give out yellow books.
  2. UK is asking for a lateral flow test on day 2 of entry for fully vaccinated passengers. PCR tests for return journey required by the Thai government.
  3. I have a form that is stamped and I have a the mor prom app detailing the my vaccinations. Kalasin states they do not do a yellow vaccine book.
  4. I don't think Thai air can compare to Qatar Q suites, service, lounges or airports to be honest or indeed Qatar planes.
  5. If that happens, I will simply change my return flight. However, I just cannot see Thailand over complicating this when they really are desperate to establish an opening up of the country and are very aware of public feelings and opinions regards previous sandboxes.
  6. In the present climate and according to some on here it will never be the right time to book the flight back to the UK. We can talk all day and night about infection rates and lack of vaccines in Thailand and Flu seasons in the UK etc . Somebody has to be first! I am taking the gamble and have paid for my flight back to the UK on the 2nd November returning on the 20th. I feel for all the chopping and changing and fine print, if I don't take advantage now, it could be a long time if restrictions are reintroduced at either end. I can't see a better offer on th
  7. Exactly, An armed robber climbs a wall in the dead of night of a foreigners house with a firearm which is loaded to attack a Swiss pensioner with the motive being robbery. The crime is far worse as it occurred in the hours of darkness and its a night time burglary with intent to rob and possibly cause commit serious injury or death. The police then want ' justice for all ' ?????? A senior policeman attacks an unarmed member of the public who has his hands bound because he resisted other attempts at suffocation by the said policeman and his accomplices all ca
  8. A lot of Americans, particularly on here, love to talk about money, their funds and investments and their 401K, and the fabulous returns they are always getting. I'm amazed with all this wealth floating about that the country has any debt at all. Everybody over there is a Millionaire or a Billionaire or a Trillionaire.
  9. I spoke to Qatar twice and also had an SMS from them confirming that as long as I was transferring and not entering Qatar they didn't require a PCR.They did advise I check the criteria at my destination country, which is England. England requires I pre book a lateral flow test and complete a passenger locator form within a time period of maximum of 48 hours before flying to present to the check in counter. There was a PCR test to be taken on arrival on or before day 2, which is to be replaced by the cheaper lateral flow tests from October 24th. I don't know about the US
  10. Hi, I have got through on the phone to Qatar offices in Doha. The operator said that because I am not entering the state of Qatar and merely transferring flights then no PCR test is required for Bangkok to Manchester via Doha.
  11. Hi, I have managed to get through on the phone to Qatar airways in Doha and they have said that because I am merely transferring to another flight and not wanting to enter Qatar, then no PCR test is required. Another small piece of the travel puzzle done
  12. Hi, The UK doesn't need a PCR test before flying, only a lateral flow test on landing if Green list and fully vaccinated, which I am. So I think I am OK without. You would think the Qatar website would be more specific regarding transfer passengers, with most passengers, as you rightly say, just transferring to other flights. They keep talking about those entering Qatar in transit.
  13. Thank you, That is my knowledge of it too and the UK does not require it.
  14. If anybody has flown recently with Qatar to the UK or vice versa to Thailand via Doha, did you need a PCR test for transfer through Doha? I have tried looking but the information is confusing. It talks about transiting and visas which I am not doing. I am planning on a three hours stopover to change planes and that's it. I was sure that a test wasn't necessary for UK nationals just transferring. Another poster in another thread has made me doubt this. I am not wanting any other information about UK or Thailand about tests or quarantine, I am only interested in this.
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