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  1. We all know what type of nightlife, hopefully never, Pattaya can then start cleaning up the place.
  2. Cetirizine or loratadine, generic versions are easily available at most pharmacies for 40 to 90 baht for 10 tabs. Take 1 tab per 24 hrs and it helps.
  3. Had this for about 30 years, one just learns to ignore it, now it is mentioned again I hear it clearly.
  4. I don't think he can just do that, what does your contract say about this? He contracted the agent to act on his behalf and on his terms and conditions, if you have met your side of the contract the you are fully within your rights to stay in the apartment for the agreed amount and period and payment terms and conditions. First step is to report the incident to the police and then maybe initiate a brief discussion with a lawyer. What sums of money are you talking about?
  5. I would insist the owner reimburse before leaving. So the main problem is between the owner and his agent and the owner has to recover their money from their missing agent. If the owner is making problem then get a lawyer involved and let the owner deal with the Thai legal system and potentially the tax office.
  6. Yes, thanks. I should have been more clear when commenting on The Hammer's film and tv series suggestions.
  7. If you remember the apps you can reinstall them again from play store, but hope you remember the passwords to access the apps again.
  8. Yes of course no Luke Wilson in the tv series the cleaner, was rather commenting to look up the suggested films tv series with Greg Davies.
  9. Don't intend watching this and have not seen the last 2 JB movies, not in a cinema and not at home. As a side note found out there is a new chucky tv series just started and after reading some reviews it seems wokeness has also infected him.
  10. Still no hoops. It is what the immigration office in the location wants to secure your temporary stay in Thailand, those are their rules. Still don't believe what is described are insurmountable hoops and they can easily be accomplished, it is a part of life and dealing with things.
  11. There are no hoops to jump through for the marriage visa or its extension, its pretty straight forward.
  12. Nope, not discriminatory at all, many on O visas and extensions thereof have Thai families to take care of. Apparantly there is an O visa based on retirement which could be obtained for which that insurance is not required. However it is in most long stayers interest to have adequate financial security for health care or health insuarance to cover a serious health care event and possible medivac.
  13. It will if they mandate that the policies for health cover should be with Thai resident insurance companies.
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