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  1. As you came in on a tourist visa, could you advise if you got covid insurance for 60 days or 90 days to cover the extension?
  2. Onward ticket to where? As far as I know you cannot fly from Thailand to stay in Laos, Vietnam, Singapore or Cambodia. Surely Thai immigration know that so an onward tickets is useless.
  3. Found a problem with flights on Singapore Airlines. I can't book a return ticket. I was going to book a return at 90 days just to line up with the TV and then change it as it's valid for a year with date changes free. I've traveled to Thailand many times before with just a one way ticket and never had a problem, however these are different times obviously. I'm hoping just a confirmed one way ticket there and a proposed itinerary back will be enough. Edit: haha, just tried Business class and no problem getting a ticket. Only 108,955 baht one way to Brisbane lol
  4. I could have got an exemption for an issued O-A Visa but very unlikely I would get one for " the intention to apply for an O visa in Thailand". That's why I'm going down the exemption for condo maintenance. I'm also hoping they relax the scrutiny a little on the exemptions seeing they're opening up anyway in December
  5. OK not sure now. I know you can apply for a 'name check' and a 'criminal records check' through the AFP and the O-A asks for s name check. My previous police certificates (for employment) didn't look anything like yours. Either way, I don't have any record
  6. AFP check is just a police name check. It basically just proves that there is a real person with that name and date of birth.
  7. To get an exemption to leave Australia I have to agree to stay out a minimum of 3 months. A 60 day TV + 30 day extension meets that obligation should I need to return to Aus for unknown reasons.
  8. One of the most stressful thoughts to me was paying for everything in advance and then having everything wasted if I couldn't get my PCR test result back within the 72 hour window before flight. This company (Australia wide) takes all that stress away as there's a clinic 5km away from me ($150 for test result within 24 hours, can be same day result if you go to certain clinics, but that is $300) https://consumer.healius.com.au/?gclid=CjwKCAiAtej9BRAvEiwA0UAWXrpi3gmWiQHCmRGoipTR5ypkYgE8E6knLhQ17dLAgCFGq1vzEac8ZxoCoukQAvD_BwE
  9. Yes I've had a Krungsi account for years, got it in a visa exempt visit :) What proof of overseas transfer are they looking for? Just the unsigned transfer receipt I get from my Aus bank?
  10. I'm fully vaccinated with Pfizer. I guess I'm just anti sandbox asking for so many PCR tests for vaccinated tourists while locals are 200+ positive tests a day. 7 days ASQ much better to be over and done with it
  11. So the latest is that Aussies will be allowed to travel again once the adult population reaches 80% vaccinated (currently at 51%). The plan is in December 2021. O-A Visa: I am shocked at how much this Visa costs: (a) $300 fee (7,200 bt) (b) 48,000 bt insurance (400k/40k) (c) 14,400 bt covid insurance (d) $42 AFP police check (1000 bt) (e) $78 medical (1,870 bt) So that's about 72,500 bt, or A$3,000 https://canberra.thaiembassy.org/non-immigrant/ Tourist Visa: this costs $60 (720bt) for 60 days + 30 days extention. I can then get an O v
  12. So which is it, BKK and Pattaya Sandbox on 1 Nov or reduced ASQ to 7 days? Personally I'll take the 7 days ASQ to be done with it rather than be trapped under their sandbox scheme for 14 days (have condo to get back to)
  13. Oops totally misread it (brain must have just assumed the worst lol) Thanks
  14. Lift you up and then smash you back down. With 7 day ASQ I'd be booking my flight right now...but no, they still want 10 days, which would mean 11 nights.... ...so much for half
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