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  1. There was a clarification. "Public swimming pools must close, but private pools at hotels and resorts can remain open." https://thethaiger.com/news/phuket/phuket-bans-alcohol-sales-at-restaurants-issues-order-amid-rise-of-covid-cases
  2. Not sure why you complain. It was called sandbox and there is really a lot of sand.
  3. Better would be to use an oxygen tank like a diver. Then you have your own air with you.
  4. It was COD and I complained at Lazada ... again ... I refused the delivery. Felt bad for the guy who delivered it because at Covid times I always give a very good tip. Wasn't the first time that something like this happened to me at Lazada. Never had such problems at a company with the name starting with eba...
  5. It wasn't the first time that I had such an experience. Here todays envelope experience.
  6. But not the bitches. Sorry just another bad word prediction at my device. I meant the beaches and all the people enjoying them for whatever reason.
  7. "Phuket Sandbox: 14,000 "foreign" tourists have spent 800 million baht - spending options limited" Perhaps more short time spending to overcome the limits? But I have to admit that I am not an expert for family tourism.
  8. I ordered my digital analogue converter (the one on the picture before). Two times I waited but never got a delivery from two Chinese sellers. Then I ordered it at a Thai seller. Today I received it - only an envelope... I think I will give up now. Never had such a bad experience.
  9. Are you serious? There are a lot of apps showing you the exact position of the sun at your location even with a view of the real surrounding if you allow them to use the camera. Why not simply try one of them?! In respect of the GPS - there are also apps that will show you how accurate the reported position is. And depending on the logged satellites the position is normally very accurate.
  10. "The department, therefore, had to develop measures to prevent the disease from being spread into homes by people returning from outdoors, he said. " For returning people two weeks quarantine in front of their homes should be the minimum before they can go inside. Only then people that are inside are protected.
  11. The people should say thank you to the Black Bamboo Club on Koh Samui. If I understood it correctly most cases come from there. So perhaps not a good idea to allow such businesses to continue - if not everyone else should suffer. But in the end this is nothing new...
  12. You wrote that the optical out at the AIS box works. So the converter doesn't work on both - the old TV and the AIS box? In respect of headphones and the converter - it might not have a build in amplifier.
  13. This is common practice here. Nothing special. It is greedy. But as long as the people are willing to pay the surcharge. And there are laws regulating this. But there seems to be not much law enforcement - as so often here.
  14. As owner the condo management charges you their own rate for electricity? I know this from rented apartments but not for a condo that you own.
  15. I have FCD accounts at Krungsri and Bangkok Bank. If you are above the minimum balance there is no fee. At Krungsri you only get a plastic card. At Bangkok Bank a book. With both versions I never had problems at the immigration - but this can change. The last year I only used my Baht account with 800.000 for the Immigration. They are happy if you make it easier for them and have only 1 book. At Krungsri you can ask for an account statement since you don't have a book. Withdrawal - just change directly to Thai Baht. You will get the better TT rate. At the Bangkok Bank I do this onli
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