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  1. From what I remember when working on the Clifford Chance in Canary Wharf, which was 32+ floors, there was a security guard on the outside door and there was always another rigger managing the situation from above in an exclusion zone. Obviously not required in Thailand.
  2. A new series of trapped, the Icelandic drama was supposed to air the other night. So far it hasn’t appeared on the web,
  3. There is nothing to see around there .. give it a skip. Take a look at Google maps, the road skirts a long way from the park. Roads - I do like the top half of the 401 from Surat to Takua Pa, they built it to bring the materials to build the dam, it’s a nice big fast road - Takua Pa is a nice old town to visit. There’s an interesting place further down in Phang Nga, Kao Kai Nui, where the mist rolls in at dawn, and seems like you are above the clouds.
  4. Someone please correct me if i'm wrong, but, when you go to Khao Sok, you can only walk along one trail to a point, maybe a mornings walk and then you are prevented from walking further unless you have a guide. There wasn't too much to do there. As someone else mentioned, you can then use that entrance ticket to go to Chiew Larn Reservoir, staying on the government floating bungalows is really economical, I find it more interesting than staying on the private bungalows, there's always plenty of canoes available, food is cheap but basic, we only spent one afternoon and a night, I th
  5. I love camping .. nothing better than loading up the bike, heading off and stopping when you have had enough and plotting up for the night. The only trouble is, its so hot in this continent - it makes the whole thing unbearable, whenever I have done it I spent all night awake and felt like a pile of .. the next day. The only place I enjoyed camping was the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia, it gets proper chilled in the night time,
  6. We have bought land, ready to build out here in rural Khon Kaen. When we bought the land, 3/4 rai, there was a little slither of land next door, 5m wide that ran the whole length of our land. It's a strange piece, it has been raised 3m above the rest of the land, earth had been piled up against the other neighbours wall. I had an idea that we would have to build a high and strong retaining wall, as the moment they started to drive machinery on site the wall might collapse. If they did build something, what would they build on a 5 x 50m strip of land on a quiet village lane in Issan
  7. Interesting idea - have you got a link to any of these reports? Not because I doubt you, if you use google, it will just give pages of actual Thai porn. I don’t see it myself, people that are prosecuted by the MPAA and RIAA are discovered by monitoring agencies logging their IP address, as they connect to the swarm. The odds of Thai authorities finding and nailing a porn downloader must be so small, hardly worth worrying about .. or they are intercepting packets - with equally the same minuscule odds. I don’t disbelieve you, just I would like to know more. I thin
  8. Halloween Kills Mixed reviews on this, it’s a slasher movie - plenty of well shot scenes, cheesy dialogue, great soundtrack and some updated slasher “tricks”
  9. You don't need a VPN - if you are totally paranoid, then sure, but its not mandatory. I would steer well clear of places like Pirate Bay, this is where you are likely to expose yourself to the (US) authorities that manage, but imho, no one is going to chase you here. 3BB will even help you optimize your connection and give a phone walkthrough to forward your ports correctly. If you want a safer and faster solution you would be better to check out usenet or rent a seedbox in Europe for 7 euros / 300B per month and then move the files via ftp or stream the files to your m
  10. Did you ever do the unifi map of your property to see the coverage of your AP's and how much actual linear coverage do you get? - I have unifi router and rack switches but I was waiting on the U6 APs to arrive before making a decision on APs.
  11. Jeez - it must be normal to bring a picnic mat, sleep next to your relatives and care for them while the nurses sit and do nothing more than take your temperature. It must be normal to have cats running around the corridors where people are dying on trolleys. It must be normal to get your relatives to have to go to the pharmacy to get your drugs and then come back and administer them. Well done Thailand .. only 3 places behind the UK - I wouldn’t want to fall sick in Germany.
  12. Why does Aseannow give page space to these NNT news release?. Sorry, its all junta propaganda. Last week we had a report of Prawits amazing visit to Khon Kaen, a reprint of NNT press release. A completely different story to other reports of a crackdown on protesters on the two day run up to the visit, and not a mention of the stories that Thai media reported, a huge brawl between a village and police after a kid threw a missile. All news is biased but does this forum have to support the drivel from this establishment?
  13. Of course you can't get blood from a stone. What he could have done is charge her for wreckless driving - which is what, I presume, they tried to do to me when some woman hit me and fell off her bike. To be fair, even though she wasn't looking where she was going (physically, she had her head turned 90 to speak to the passenger) it was my fault, and I stopped and offered to pay for her broken wing mirror, the whole family and police turned up - the woman couldn't produce a license or valid tax - and begrudgingly accepted 500B - then to my surprise the police officer wanted to take
  14. Currently slogging through Mar De Plastico or Plastic Sea - Interesting enough but each episode is 70 mins long. I need to break it up with a 30 min episode of Family Business - Now on series 3, the continuing story of a cannabis growing Jewish family. along with the funny as <deleted>, Brassic.
  15. I think there is more to this than we will ever know - who does all that in broad daylight to get a sky box and a Nintendo wii.
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