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  1. I like your selective memory. Must be great in your world. When ever there is a fact you don't like, just forget it. 🤣🤣🤣🥰
  2. Is lying and exaggerating about immigrants, blaming them of something that is not their fault, accusing them of doing something they do not do and not accepting they fill jobs Brits don't want to do not bring discriminatory? As for 2 teir pricing. Legal migrants pay £1065 per year as an NHS surcharge. That is, if working, on top of Tax and NI. That's alot, when considering expats in Thailand moan when they need to get a bit of health insurance to get a visa
  3. It's going up in increments. Those already in UK are grandfathered at the £18600. That could change though, with a change of government coming up.
  4. Life in UK test is taken at ILR stage. That's one before citizenship. The salary requirements are under £30k. Other than those points, I totally agree.
  5. You seem to be confused. 1.2 million refers to legal migration. Legal migrants can't claim benefits. Legal migrants, unless on a Teir 2 visa and working in Healthcare, pay £1065 a year to the NHS as a requirement for their visa. That's on top of tax and NI. Therefore, they are all productive. They are earning, spending and not costing the government a penny.
  6. They open up for me. Check your firewall. The independence poll says " how people would vote". That sounds Scots only.
  7. Exactly my point. You are limiting speed of travel. How do you know the max?
  8. You are assuming lifespans and technology are the same every where as they are here.
  9. Neck and neck, you say. https://www.holyrood.com/news/view,labour-takes-strong-lead-over-snp-in-latest-poll https://www.thenational.scot/news/24332727.labour-record-largest-lead-snp-since-2014-new-poll/
  10. It's nice to see a good selection of polls to get the full picture. This one has independence lagging for some years. https://www.statista.com/statistics/1170409/scottish-independence/
  11. That would be an opinion. One that no one else seems to share.
  12. I already have proved my point. You tried, but failed, to disprove it.
  13. I can deal with it. I've never said I can't. You can't prove my point incorrect. You just assume.
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