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  1. To some. Not in general though. How could he be? Does he know every expat in every village?
  2. Not far away meaning about 13kms. Besides, how does location affect how much one's wife would gamble, drink and <deleted> other men?
  3. 555555 You just don't understand, do you? I've lived in my wife's village for 21 years. Just trying to pass on some experience. If you don't like advice then just scroll on by. No need for insults.
  4. You like to generalise, don't you? I have lived in an Isaan village for many years. With the exception of the, now gone, issue with music it is generally a lovely, peaceful place. Lots of great walks and bike rides on my doorstep. A town with all the usual shopping facilities not that far away. Lots of room for the kids to play so they are not all stuck to a phone or tablet all day. My wife does not drink or gamble or get involved in any other "naughtiness" Her family are great and have fully accepted me as part of the family. It's a great place to live. I
  5. You obviously don't understand what I was saying. My advice on this thread, along with many others, is based on the idea that the music is so loud it is deafening. Advice that becomes inane if the music is only " audiable". Not sure how you get to me making problems in others lives. 3am you say? Did you not comment that your wife is there during the day. That is how you know the music is on? Not sure your wife will be managing the build at 3am. It appears you need to clarify the situation. Some of your posts contradict others.
  6. Well, that make this whole thread pointless. Is it loud? Is it frequent? Is it annoying to everyone or just you? Your initial posts suggested the music is bone shakingly loud. Now you say even if you can just hear it it's annoying.
  7. An interesting comment. Would you care to explain? Particularly the "always" bit. Thanks.
  8. Indeed they do. Within the law of course. Playing loud music constantly is not within the law.
  9. There is no such thing as a permit to constantly play loud music. Permits are issued for entertainment zones with time restrictions. In a village the maximum time a permit will be issued is 7 days. There has to be proof that there is an event going on, such as an ordination or funeral.
  10. As I said. I speak from experience living in a rural village. It helps if your wife is made of stern stuff and will stand by you and your rights by law.
  11. You are incorrect. There are laws, even in out in the sticks villages. If the village head does nothing then go to the local sub district office. They will take action. I'm speaking from experience.
  12. Incorrect. In fact, as soon as I read that statement I stopped reading your post.
  13. Like I said, his actions were despicable. I was just pointing out that the idea of a 45 year old man living at home with Mum is not unusual in Thai culture. As with most news reports, the reasons for the actions are not clear. I am in no way condoning the actions but there could well have been major issues. The Covid pandemic has left many Thais destitute, penniless and mentally broken. Let's hope this man can turn his life around.
  14. His actions are not to be tolerated and can only be described as despicable. However, if he happens to be the youngest child, it would be part of the culture for him to live at the family home with his parents.
  15. It's a relevant point. It's all down to negotiation and who does it.
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