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  1. You said: "you have to always keep a copy of potentionally a 20 year old stamp". Last time I renewed my passport I took both to Imm and all current visas/rentry permits etc were transferred into the new passport, together with a new Non-O visa as a replacement for the original one. All that was done at no charge. Not sure where you do your immigration business but my lot do not require the original Non-O now.
  2. - That makes the most sense. One hour stop - time for a full fuel load, disembark a few peeps and then I would bet on a direct return to Dubai. Fly Dubai don't have any Airbuses but I suppose it could be an arranged charter., It all sounds fishy - even the slightly off the runway bit. An hour is not enough for damage and equioment checks. If it was a hoax then calling in all those emergency vehicles on a Friday night is unforgivable.
  3. He reads a teleprompter, the whole text, including "pause" cues as part of the oration.
  4. No comparison. Trump has been hounded all over the forest by the Democratic mongrel pack for 9 years. And Hunter is not running for President. Two Bidens would be a way too much.
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