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  1. I've known Luke for years. He will be back in Thailand soon as he has not been blacklisted. I'm sure he's got some business ventures in Patts on his mind.
  2. 1st: Sinovac, 2nd: AZ All over for now.
  3. As a teacher in a dark red province who has been teaching online since 22 May, I expect nothing regarding a reopening date. Many of our teachers still haven't had their first shot, let alone any student. I fear the entire school year is a washout.
  4. Any idea if a Pfizer booster shot for Sino/AZ combined vaccinated is on the cards?
  5. The Covid extensions will continue until well into 2022. That is a guarantee. I arrived on a visa exemption in 2019 and have been able to enjoy my life in Pattaya on amnesty and extensions. It's been absolutely amazing and I hope I never have to leave. My LINE app is absolutely flooded with girls. They're not hard to find if you know where to look. I haven't slept a night alone for almost two years now. Pure bliss.
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