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  1. Just say you're happy for him and ask how they met. That should elicit a landslide of information if he's interested in telling the story and easily forms the basis for a broader conversation if he feels like it.
  2. TEN THOUSAND containers full of chicken feet. Picture that.
  3. There won't be a 'next life' That fairy tale is for those who can't face up to the notion of death and haven't understood the real nature of what they think is called karma. She will be incinerated. Her ashes and smoke will become dust on the planet. In a few hundred million years our small sun will expand and swallow and melt this planet before it shrivels into a smoldering cinder. No supernova for Sol. It's not big enough. So no chance of any of us even becoming gold dust on another planet in another galaxy in another aeon. Anyone who allows a 'monk' to abuse her like that repeatedly is either a bhodhisatva or has extremely low self esteem. Dead is dead. One life. Live it well or die sad and lonely. Applies to her and everyone else.
  4. I#ve been very scathing of Petch's 'writing' and 'reporting' in the past, but I thought this HL was really very clever.
  5. Ozimoron has it nailed. It's also a question of how you use facts, and which ones get left out. Murdoch media is a repulsive sewer. Speaking as a (retired) professional who would never have worked for him for any wage (and I was very well paid).
  6. Like I said, it's not over yet by a long chalk: https://www.theguardian.com/business/2024/feb/05/boeing-may-delay-more-737-max-deliveries-after-new-production-glitch-found
  7. I believe Ryanair (believe it or not) will refund anyone who doesn't want to board a Max8 - unless they've reverted since and I missed it. O'Leary said it a few months back after the 8 was cleared for ops again. But I'd rather take a bus than fly Ryanair whatever the model.
  8. This is all what happens when you take a brilliant engineering company and turn it into a money machine and sinecure for favorite politicians and deregulate safeguarding systems to enable that. When financiers and 'shareholder value' take over, safety goes out the window - literally as we now see. Nok Air is sensible. I've got a pretty good grounding and background in aviation and airlines. I love flying. Feel safer in a microlight at 5000 feet than riding a motorbike taxi. If I got to the end of an airbridge and found I was about to board a 73Max I'd do a smart about turn even if I lost the fare. That story is not over by a long chalk. The lies, messing around, denial and downright contempt for passenger and crew lives are evident in both the company upper management still, as well as the cuddly relationship with the people who are supposed to be regulating them. We're seeing an extended PR campaign by both parties. Some flight booking sites are wising up to it as well, and advising potential pax that they will be flying the Max. I can't remember which, but I saw it reported recently (with evidence). For info I was a great fan of Boeing when it was an engineering company, and we operated 72s and early 73s. Knew 72s intimately having spent many years dispatching them and on cockpit jump seats on duty. Always flew up front when I was free riding on holiday as well. Fabulous machines. Had no qualms flying on a TG 77 back to Europe recently. But Max? No way José. Rather walk or take the bus. That company needs a complete scrubbing from the inside out with wire brushes and bleach. And above all it needs returning to the engineers.
  9. They've cut so many corners on those planes to save a few bucks that the damn things are all 5 meters too short.
  10. They do work. Best method to my knowledge. Always have one going in the evening till morning. They evaporate liquid via a wick. Last for at least a month at 8hrs a day - even with open window. Bayer is the best. Should get it at Lotus or similar. Of course that's not the vegetarian version but it does work. I'm using a Thai version now 'cos Bayer was sold out. It's called Combat and uses a similar chemical. It's also effective. I found once when using a coil on a hotel balcony that it makes the whole room stink and still does long after it's burned out.
  11. Actually this is one of her more lucid accounts of an incident. But it's not just the Thaiger (and not just Petch there either). Even esteemed publishers like Thai PBS often regurgitate utter gobbledygook that induces despair and vertigo.
  12. Drivers who sexually harass passengers should have their licenses immediately revoked. A suspension is unacceptable. Same for any kind of violence/coercion.
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