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  1. The WHO mission leader Peter Ben Embarek and team member Marion Koopmans also praised China’s cooperation during the 4 week investigation. Follows by saying that it’s “extremely unlikely” that SARS-CoV-2 originated in the Chinese lab and the team would not investigate that hypothesis further. That’s the fact too.
  2. What exactly are the lies that WHO spread. Please do provide some sort of evidence as you seem to have some inside information that none has.
  3. Intriguing accusation and insinuation. WHO is an agency of the UN. You think UN has been compromised? Largest fund contributor to WHO is USA with the rest from mainly western countries. Certainly WHO is not independent. That’s the fact and don’t support your delusion.
  4. If Prayut feel confident that this poll result is correct, he will call for a snap election today.
  5. Those exchange students not likely to do much thinking. Their parents are cash strapped from the economic effects of the pandemic, geo-political tension, increase attacks of Asians and growing conservative anger towards foreigners. Vaccines passport for international student is just one challenge. Western international education will have to do the thinking from declining foreign students enrollment for years and seeing their cash cow looking shaky.
  6. Done 2 AZ today. Will wait for booster shot when sufficient researchs on duration are available. Also depend on my health and antibodies count.
  7. 50 countries accept Sinovac and Sinopharm. Not every travellers want to go to EU or USA. https://www.schengenvisainfo.com/news/travel-list-of-eu-countries-accepting-sinovac-vaccine-as-proof-of-immunity-for-entry/
  8. Not worthless when you see the reductions in deaths and hospitalization daily. Vaccines or all types prevent such dire conditions.
  9. She is the manager, not the coach who is yet to be appointed. Problem with Thailand is that they keep changing coach and each coach bring their own playing philosophy and style. They also tend to select players that suit his philosophy creating dis-continuity. Football in Thailand is a popular sport and high profile attracting politicians and corporate executives and their politics.
  10. Thailand used to make shipping containers that meets international standard. If there are money to be made, I am sure someone will take this on. Non shipping container are still made here.
  11. Thailand Foreign Minister should take this discrimination with UK just like India. India foreign ministry kicks hell of a row and got UK to rescind their policy not accepting India made AZ. Don is again not doing his proper job.
  12. All good for protecting the driver but what about the passengers. Covid-19 droplets and aerosol particles can survive for up to few days on surfaces and airborne.
  13. PPRP barely won the majority in the previous election with a very slim margin difference of 10 seats. They were able to form the government by re-writing the election law which gave them and their allies many party-list seats. Now that the election laws are reverted back to the old method, the ruling party will face a reduction of party list seats from their coalition of 19 medium and small parties. The recent no confidence vote revealed that not all appointed senators will pull behind Prayut this time. Internally PPRP is fracturing. Prayut is not a party member and Prawit as part
  14. My gym (Fitness Int) has been calling me and letting me know that opening may be in October. Some hope.
  15. In July he highlighted 7 point plan to develop the country. Today he shrank that down to 5 goals and omitting the garden variety plan for corruption free, reform the police and military. Can you take this man seriously?
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