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  1. Vaccination reduces the infection population. When a virus is widely circulating and causing many infections in a low vaccinated population like in Africa, the likelihood of the virus mutating increases. The more opportunities a virus has to spread, the more it replicates – and the more opportunities it has to undergo changes. It is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.
  2. Don't think the airline allow passengers to sit on the wings. It's question of allowable safety space for social distancing.
  3. Bonus point for understanding global warming not same as the weather.
  4. Not really necessary to have samples of Omicron to develop the special technique to detect Omicron although the headline is misleading. RT-PCR tests look for specific identifiers in the genetic material (not the entire gene sequence) of the virus in humans. Usually, the test looks for two or more identifiers to increase the probability of finding a match. If one identifier has mutated, the other can still return a positive result. Many RT-PCR tests look for an identifier in the virus’ spike protein, the protruded area that enables its entry into the human body. If the spike p
  5. You really have stretch the meaning of WOKE from its original definition way back to the 1940s. It’s now hijacked by the lunatic GOP talking heads and will use that to suit their narrative.
  6. You see that as serious problem; I see that as someone exercising his personal expression.
  7. The head of the African Vaccine Acquisition Task Team Strive Masiyiwa spoke out that Africa is done waiting for COVAX which is falling short of their goals in spite of promises from world leaders from wealthy western countries. They will welcome the 600 m donation from China. They really are exasperated with empty promises and in a dire position to drive up vaccination rate against surging infections from Omicron. The west is losing the pandemic diplomacy war to China.
  8. We can learn something from Cambodia success which even outpaced wealthier neighbouring South East countries in their vaccination drive. They mandate vaccines, hard on misinformation, low level of vaccine hesitancy and quick to receive the 27 million doses out of the 30 million required from China.
  9. A major part of the production issue was that Pfizer, JJ, Moderna & BioNTech were reluctant to relinquish control of their patented knowledge and technology in spite of pressing calls by health advocacy organisations to allow production for poorer countries. Contrast with Sputnik V which was to their credit a model of pandemic diplomacy by broadly licensing their vaccine to 34 drug companies outside their borders like in India and Brazil. In this pandemic diplomacy war, the west especially USA is still losing to China who has came out yesterday and promised a billion doses to Africa.
  10. It will be wise to check the freight cost and schedule as shipping cost has skyrocketed and widespread global shipping delays currently.
  11. Developed countries need to share the blame for hoarding vaccines in the early stages of the pandemic. Even now less than 10% of African countries hit the COVID-19 vaccination goal. More should be done to donate vaccines to under developed countries.
  12. Ain't farm crops heavily subsidized in good old USA. Just asking.
  13. Truck makers have their technical reasons to go hydrogen especially heavy long haul trucks. The weight of the batteries alone substracts too much from paylaod.
  14. We may have to wait a lot longer for hydrogen EV. With battery EV sales rising rapidly in the world, there will be less for research in this niche hydrogen route. Volkswagen made an interesting comment comparing energy effciency and concluded that everything speaks in favour of battery and practically nothing of hydrogen.
  15. Chinese EV are creating a buzz not only in Thaland but the world. Top 5 EV manufacturers have 2 Chinese manufacturers - SAIC Motor and BYD. Like the Japanese cars which were frowned upon in the 60s and then proceeded to dominate the world, the Chinese EV will most likely to be full throttle in the future. https://auto.hindustantimes.com/auto/news/tesla-to-hyundai-world-s-top-five-electric-car-makers-this-year-41635926246273.html
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