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  1. 2 hours ago, 1FinickyOne said:

    I actually used to live not too far from your village... 


    I do a fair amt of hwy driving and don't mind paying for quality and to be safer... I am mostly trying to avoid paying too much for a <deleted> tire... 

    I don't usually drive fast, more in the dawdling range but still prefer quality and safety...  

    What makes you think Deestones tyres are not good quality, find me a bad report.

    Just because there tyres are competitively priced doesn't meant there worse than more expensive ones is maybe because they don't have greedy share holders.

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  2. 1 hour ago, canthai55 said:

    See quite a few get dumped on the gravel roads in Northern Canada during riding season.

    See quite a few people who can not pick them up when they fall over.


    Only worked on one pre-computer days in UK many moons ago fixing wiring and electronics it was a nightmare, I bet now it would be practically impossible now to fix their electronics and wiring without a computer.

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  3. 20 minutes ago, MartinL said:

    My two little grandchildren have just got rid of the stabilisers on their first pedal bikes.


    More seriously - weren't something like this offered on GWs as standard fitment quite a few years ago? Never really been interested in that type of bike but I seem to remember it from yesteryear.

    Not sure about that Wilki history would say I guess.

    Electric center stand has been out a long time and airbag for the rider quite some years.


  4. 44 minutes ago, Gandtee said:

    Could be, but how.🤪

    I dunno someone who knows more does, all I know when it changed from TV to AN I had confirm sign in etc before I could log into AN. 


    I've been updated notifications of my favorite forums since. 


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  5. On 7/24/2021 at 10:18 PM, screwman said:

    1. About my GW, due to the current covid situation my colleagues and I did not have a chance to ride to upcountry, so far I rode around my home area and twice to my office which is 43km away from home. I have to say riding on Bangkok roads not so fun or rather pretty scary for me on a big bike.


    2. With regards to your earlier suggestion about getting a smaller bike, errrrrrr I did get a smaller bike, a bike that is much easier to ride though. Came 2 Fridays ago.



    Good idea master that in slow maneuvers,  U turns it will give more confidence, if you can't do practical lessons with an instructor then there's plenty of useful tips on - line. 

    Don't forget to learn opposite steer skills too for riding at pace. 

  6. 45 minutes ago, OneMoreFarang said:

    Getting the front wheel up is easy. Making sure it doesn't get too high and a smooth touch down is another thing.


    I tried to learn all that when I was 16. Summary: I failed, and I won't do it again now with a bigger bike and older bones. 😉 

    If you got an R1 you could do 3 wheelie positions the bike does you don't have to do anything just concentrate on where you're going. 😂

  7. 1 hour ago, Crossy said:

    For the sake of clarity I'm assuming you have a Safe-T-Cut device and are adjusting the earth leakage sensitivity which will be in mA not A.


    Setting to 30mA is fine (UK standard for domestic is fixed at 30mA), if it stays on at 30mA no worries.


    Do check that it trips when you press the "Test" button.

    Thanks I see now yes mA. 

    So no bother leaving it 30 mA is what I just wanted to know.


    Out supply is 15/45.

    It trips out fine and so does the separate trip switches in the control box. 



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  8. On 7/6/2021 at 11:14 PM, screwman said:


    Thank you Issanman. 

    As mentioned in my posts I am new in riding. I do admit and agree with all who said riding a small scooter and riding a big bike is different which was why I had an interim bike the ADV150 to gain more experience however, riding the Gold Wing is an entirely different story. Anyway there is always a first for everything. 


    Coming back to the Gold Wing, so far I rode only on Sunday within my village, to the gas station and nearby places like the market and to some friend's home. When on the move, surprisingly I found it easy to ride, very easy indeed and cornering while turning is so easy and feel more confident that it will not fall over compare to small scooter and small bikes. 


    But I have a few problems I faced that I need lots of practice (all related to the weight of the vehicle)


    1. Stopping the vehicle, the bike suddenly feel so heavy to balance so got to fight with it 


    2. Moving off from standstill like at traffic light, once again due to the weight I feel a bit unbalance and fighting with the weight


    Both the above are actually very dangerous if I don’t get it right and get it right quick if not I will have problem 


    3. Trying to move the bike from standstill for example adjusting to park nicely, once again its a struggle due to the weight


    4. Backing up the bike is a problem and need lots of practice, again is due to the weight


    5. You may say to me “but you have reverse gear” yes I have reverse gear it helps but not as easy as you might think reversing a 4 wheel 😂😂😂


    6. Making u-turn on a narrow street is s struggle, real struggle


    So it seems I require lots of practice. I have engaged a trainer for big bike but due to Covid lessons had been suspended.


    Anyway I had lots of fun on Sunday. I will not give up and will persevere to master it 👍.



    Visited a friend



    Brought her some fruits



    Beside her ride



    At Caltex for my first top up



    Careful guy







    Well to conquer the skill of riding a heavy bike there are many tricks and practical things to learn while waiting for you lesson find a large space empty car somewhere near where you live. 

    You must get use to and master the weight.

    Practice practice is the only way, even just riding once a week is not good. 

    Still take care and maybe buy the extra needed to keep you upright with small maneuvers.

    Rife to live. 

  9. This has only started recently and T cut is set usually on 20amp sensitivity.


    It tripped out twice the first time when there was a thunderstorm in the evening so put it down to that but noticed T cut knob was on 10amp probably happened when cleaning.


    The second time was a hot morning and tripped on the 20amp so I've put it on 30amp and there's hasn't been a problem.


    When it tripped on 20amp there was an 18btu air-con going, water pump, fridge,  a washing machine, a shower unit, a a toaster, 2 flat screen TV's and about 3 lights.


    So question does the T cut need attention, has a wiring problem occured, or was all above borderline. 

  10. 16 hours ago, richard_smith237 said:

    Just changed the Tyres on our SUV - Yokohama P 225/65 R17


    Can’t really fault B-Quick..  Cost for 4x Tyres: THB 27,000

    *(Manufactured in March 2021)


    I think if people and OP are happy to pay for expensive tyres fine but for guys in our village 12k or 13k for a new set of 4, some get second hand tyres everytime. 

    27,000 they can't afford that. 

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  11. 7 hours ago, bendejo said:

    This is the kind of story I was expecting to see in the first half of last year, with hygiene being what it is in Asia.  I could not believe the cases were so scant back then.

    Filthy foreigners, A-list scapegoats.

    Well wouldn't you expect foreigners from surrounding counties working in Thailand to be less hygienic just for the fact their poor, the virus just luv's it. 

  12. 26 minutes ago, spidermike007 said:

    Thailand is the last place in the world I would want to ride a large bike. Very few places to really open it up, dreadful drivers on the road, and no need to ever go faster than 120kph, for me. 

    "For me" as you say is your apionion, fair call.


    Where I live in Thailand there's many roads you can do high speed and if you have riden all over Thailand you would know there are so many more roads where high speed can be done. 



    The thing for me is not so much  high speed it's the thrill of acceleration no scoot has that for me,  they are all very dull. 

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  13. 39 minutes ago, SAFETY FIRST said:

    I've lived in Thailand for more than 20 years. I bought my first scooter, yamaha mio 2002, I've owned many scooters now have a pcx150. It's simple to park and manoeuvre through traffic.
    2010 I bought a Buell, 4 years later a Diavel, now I own an xdiavel.
    To each their own, a big scooter is not my cup of tea, I enjoy being in the company of any bike rider that respects the safety of themselves and others. 
    Take care out there. 

    Xdiavel Italian for devil if I remember,  that bike is nearly top speed fast as my bike, I can remember what it's like doing high speed on a naked bike been there done that years ago not nice.

    Having the intermediate power of acceleration though must be nice. 

    That's what I like about my bike not so much top speed. 

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