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  1. You really miss the point you need help with your criticism of posts.
  2. UK didn't belong in EU in the first place so waisted 40 years IMHO.
  3. Well don't give them the paint just buy the sealer first and as you say make sure they thin only to recommendations.
  4. Being foreigners that have never like uk and we have never like them is that plain enough for ya. ????
  5. Or the EU to stop licking it's Sores and be reasonable because we left the club.
  6. Berger is listed as best but what ever paint I have used over the years on a new build make sure the surfaces are properly and I mean properly coated. Otherwise 3 months later.
  7. Don't like the look of the mg truck but friends daughter like it and got a top of the range model so cheap compared to other trucks. Its done a lot miles and only ever been serviced the Thai guy down the road as far as I know.
  8. Thanks for info. If farm lecky goes over 200 as a pensioner I'll do a go fund me appeal. ????
  9. Well next to 38.61 looks a U. So sorry I'll go and cut my throat immediately.
  10. Thanks. Couldn't see where says 3.36.
  11. Out of curiosity not the cost my farmhouse on my farmland electric isn't free anymore. Forget how it was set up before seem to remember less than 50 units was free. The rate per unit is 38.61 now.
  12. You maybe right you maybe wrong, I would say near to what's said here "up to him". ????
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