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  1. I'd have to google those questions.
  2. Frankly if you ask me, a Brit after being here 20 years, it depends what sort of person you are, a city person or a rural minded type.
  3. I use a Irish screwdriver.
  4. Yeah seems all good now, thanks for that info so I know things. As I said in OP I thought I'd blown it up inside when plugging into a faulty plug socket which had become shorted out.
  5. As you can see in pix the pump is only a cheap 1000 baht jobby from Global but has been fine more than 5 years on the farm never been a problem. Got a good electric supply to it and it's just like it has always been with just a hum as pumps the water, as I said I just wanted to know does the screw need to be checked for position within the plus and minus or what is the purpose of it.
  6. Thanks but how do you get to know if the screw is in the correct position.
  7. Only if I want to catch covid or other coughs and colds.
  8. Took the grey cover off what I know as a capacitor now I turned a little screw with plus & minus writing by it and there was a click, plugged pump in and it started then stop turning the tap on & off, so it seems OK. It's just I can't find a direct answer on Google asking what little screw with plus & minus writing does, seeing as the pump was working I didn't want to touch the screw anymore.
  9. Quick one, can only think truck ran over temporary cable causes a short in the cable, plugged in the water pump a buzz and stop and it wouldn't work, found the cable was the problem, run another checked ok cable, pump still won't work. Do pumps have an internal trip switch or has the short destroyed the pump.
  10. My wife's sisters son has a gun license he has a shotgun lives next to our 4 rai of farmland her land goes for miles. He has a •22 air-rifle too which I like to shoot with.
  11. I guess I'm lucky enough because covid has not effected me much, I can always make myself busy. I would think it depends where someone lives. I Multi gym exercise some mornings. We have a small farm 2 kilos outside the village so plenty to do there if I want. Hobbies Archery & Shooting at the farm. The one thing that's affected is riding my bike on tours because can't go places and stop overnight somewhere like before covid. I still ride bike every week locally. Drive my truck and ride my scoot locally. There's always something to
  12. Oh !! good for you I'm a Brit 74 and attend an Asthma clinic at a Govt hospital in Sukhothai and been told I cannot have a vaccine because all Thai people have to be vaccinated first. They have booked me for September or October but didn't say what year it would be.
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