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  1. Maybe he looked on Google for the answer and wears rubber shoes. As in many topics here Google is a source it very often isn't the full breakdown of information to certain components.
  2. Well that's correct because if he goes someone will take his place unless you have run out of shotgun shells.
  3. Fair call on my big bike I take more care my airblade scoot has been my experiment.
  4. Well my Airblade scooter which I have used as an experiment since I came to Thailand would disagree with you unless a component became faulty which as my baby Blade is concerned hasn't happened. Oil manufacturers and fluid manufacturers aren't going to say anything other than we recommend are they. They don't want us little people knowing too much it would not be beneficial to business.
  5. That why the mis-understanding your post irelates to an old system over a time period that need overhauling. It is not like mine but take a close look again and realize how does air get into the fluid area.
  6. You need to do research you don't really understand the workings of different reservoir set up.
  7. Mechanically you can but I just watch somebody do it should anything go wrong. My first service on my 2005 Vigo when I came to Thailand was one of my first lesson of how things are done here, or more accurate how there not done..
  8. If you know my bike better than I do then please tell me where the vent is. If it had a vent I'd have no pressure and the brakes would fail.
  9. That what a diesel fuel filter is for and will be cleaned when OP gets his service done.
  10. Yes is does, the system is clean or should be, it's a sealed system when the bleeding process is finished and the reservoir lid is fixed into position. The proper term description is it is a closed system because you can open and close it unlike you can a sealed system. I don't understand your question you don't get questions like that from I what remember taking exams in night college. Are you a qualified motor mechanical engineer.?
  11. Don't know why a composition. Yeah understand why your upset with my criticism of whatever you posted before I've got kids of my own.
  12. The nail on the head most ponkers here can't get their head out of west way of how things are done here.
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