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  1. Book your driver and car here. https://www.phuketshuttle.com/ Never had a problem with them in all the years.
  2. Get well soon Xylo. I guess you had luck. Could be much more serious. My neighbor of many years had not that luck and died some days ago on mc here. Patong sucks these days and is really dangerous.
  3. DEAR Hearing(DMED) 081 352 8055 in town opposit main Lotuss. You can contact them in Line.
  4. At Kamala? Must be a hell of a building in Kata lol.
  5. Thanks alot xylo. Wish you the best! To Ko Kaeo near from boat lagoon into my daughters house. So still on Phuket but in a nice quiet gated community.
  6. Well done LIK. I also sold my patong home and moving. Many long timer moved since the end of covid. Patong was perfect in covid time. A flashback to the 90' when patong was paradise. But since ~1 year it's not worth it and way way to dangerous in all aspects. Sold motorbikes 8 month ago and will not renew DL for MC. @xylo watch your back and better drive only car. Thanks to the russian influx i could sell for more then 30% over my fair price target. So not all sucks in patong but nearly all. Guess this is my third and last time that i move away from patong but who knows lol.
  7. schlog


    Saw it before also at big c in town near cashiers.
  8. His name is MR. IVAN PIGO, a Russian national. He has a legal temporary permit to stay in the kingdom along with a business visa which will expire on November 21st, 2023. He also has a legal work permit to do the job, said police, in an administrative and management capacity....so all fine with Ivan Durien🤣🤣🤣
  9. Comeback of MaAnn and his gang lol.
  10. On Maikhao beach we had always camping on beach and camp grounds on beach sure for 30 years like phuket camp ground.
  11. Maikhao beach in north phuket is good for camping and has all what you want. There are also camp grounds.
  12. Well done Soi dog foundation. Soi dog in Maikhaw doing such a great job with their great cat&dog clinic!
  13. Had the best cheese cake only some days ago. Taste great like in Austria. What a surprise! Was in Thai Mueang on beach cafe..... https://maps.app.goo.gl/fDgp2t8JS6Z51zpN6
  14. schlog

    Driving school

    Chotima Driving School/Inspection, Registration, Insurance Services 096 154 7224 https://g.co/kgs/A21p4d All who i send there were happy and passed test easy.
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