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  1. when u move, file a new TM 30 in Khanmon ( or online if u have copies of landlords id car an house paper signed) than u can do ur 90 day report there ( or online) the 800,000 will need be in ur bank for 14 months IF ur agent assists u in getting the 1 year extension>>If you want do it on ur own IE; agent assisted extension June 1, 2024 good till May 31st 2025 Must show money in Bank starting April 1st 2024 if u want do ur own extension. They will check!! BUT its almost better to just go with an agent in Pattaya ( 12,500-14,000/year) why not? i've done it the past 2 years moving my actual address back to Phuket AFTER receiving a new 1 year extension>
  2. cheaper in Cambodia: alcohol Cigs Some American cereal American peanut butter Refried beans ( for tex mex food) Indian food in restaurants CHEAP rooms some uneatable street food 5555 everything else.... Thailand wins
  3. In 2008/09 and 2021/22, I held a 1 year non O RE extension in Thailand and a 1 year RE extension in Cambodia NO problems Far prefer Thailand, even thou have a khmer wife an house in Cambodia + 90% of everything is cheaper in Thailand
  4. i have driven thru much of Thailand ( all 76 provinces with Bangkok #77) over the past 38 + years i have lived here NEVER had a hard time finding a good meal or a place to lay my head
  5. thats FAST: I've never driven it, with stops for drinks/pissing in under 4 the boat across is like 30 minutes each way, so thats min 1 hour r/t ur not in open water... the above makes no sense going at 7 arrive 10:30 3 1/2 hours BUT coming back leave at 1:30 an arrive 6 hours later at 7:30???? 6 hours yes, can do in one day
  6. Ban Pakard/Ban Laem ( Pailin) or south at Koh Kong If heading to Bangkok
  7. Phnom Penh 4-5 business days via an agent ($60) cheap air asia flight, or take the train to Aranyaprathet an bus to PP plenty to do there for that time
  8. local bus to Ranong ( 6 hours) or rent a car and do it in 4 long tail boat ride to Kwathoung reverse. you could spend the night in Kwathoung or Ranong Russians get 90 day visa exempt entries!! or fly KL direct Singapore direct Phnom Pehn ( via DMK) Yangon ( via DMK)
  9. Cafe del mar has been a blight for kamala since day 1 Loud music Vaping on premises smoking weed inside and on the beach in front
  10. only a fool would have posted a bad review, yet stayed in the country 🙂
  11. I am a cyclist and when i cycle i stay as far to the left as possible;, he wasn't an i doubt the bus driver even knew he hit him PLUS, an it does not appear he swerved to hit him not defending anyone but>>>
  12. story passing around here in Kamala< she was walking across, van was speeding thru the red light, hit her, killed her< Van went a bit an than came back, Police showed up an he made a quick "deal" with them which was NOT accepted by a thai speaking farang and others at the scene. They than wen to police station where the head cop was "gone" the thai speaking farang said they would go to Phuket town and lo and behold, head cop showed up ( 5555) Said the local police "didn't understand" and he would look into it Cams on light not working, ( did they ever?) but those at the black cat an kamala beer garden were< ambulance came and took her away< Body was overnight in Wat an today is on the way to be cremated
  13. not sure how it will work or if it will but.... https://card.weed.th/en Back pain, Insomnia, anxiety ( all things i had when got my card in California)
  14. maybe not win BUT he surely can close down all the dispensaries in the country it will than be required to have a Medical card, ( got mine already :-)) to buy Also since it became legal, i have never brought 1 gram from a shop ( ONLY tourists buy there) when i can buy it online for 1/10 or less, the price!!
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