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  1. ais, top it up online<...https://www.ais.th/one-2-call/topup_online.html 20 baht top up adds 1 month to your pre paid # I top up 10 baht /use each time, ( adds 1 month) in an office before i travel
  2. NO VOA< visa in advance or online works fine::https://www.evisa.gov.kh/ note: currently a tourist visa can be converted to a E-visa which can be extended for 1 year at a time> ER or EB extension not sure for how long this will be available.
  3. thats what Cambodia currently uses for entry NO mention about the insurance requirement thou
  4. dont think it matters one way or the other for a night in a hotel,( there not all overpriced) its the pre departure covid test and one on arrival + insurance that is costly.
  5. now please tell us the whole story> were u backlisted before? on an Interpol list
  6. told ya>> always good to have a spare why pay for netflixs if u have an android box that can get all the movies /Tv shows u'd ever be able to watch for FREE
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