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Secretary of State: Cambodia's Royal Government is examining and intending to resume economic operations in all areas, including tourist re-admission.


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After the spread of COVID-19 has lessened, Youk Sambath, Secretary of State for the Ministry of Health, indicated that the Royal Government of Cambodia is examining and planning to resume economic operations in all areas, including the re-admission of visitors.

The Secretary of State said yesterday at a ceremony to mark the arrival in Cambodia of 2 million doses of Sinovac vaccine from China that the Inter-Ministerial Commission has prepared a policy to reopen the country and to see what sectors need to be evaluated and ready to reopen.


Ms. Youk Sambath stated that the Royal Government of Cambodia intends to reopen Cambodia's economic and social activities in all areas through the COVID-19 Disease Control Commission's working group.


In addition, the Royal Government is working on regulations and strategies to restart tourism operations and welcome foreign visitors.


This strategy and plan, according to Ms. Youk Sambath, might be submitted to Prime Minister Hun Sen for assessment and determination by the end of the year.


In addition to resuming economic operations, the Secretary of State stated that Cambodia aims to welcome tourists back, particularly those who have been vaccinated, saying:


"We've accomplished a lot, and the Ministry of Tourism is discussing it with the inter-ministerial committee and the standing committee, and the Ministry of Tourism's strategic policy document is being submitted to the commission, and we'll see if we need to focus on which countries are low risk, which countries are high risk, and what they require."

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