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OA to O visa - U.K. visit

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Thanks I recently did the same (leaving Thailand on a Type-OA extension to void that Visa), and re-entered Visa-Exempt (45-days permission to stay, as I arrived in October), and subsequently applied for a 90-day Type-O visa.


Like you, upon departing Bangkok, the IO at Bangkok departure immigration kindly pointed out to me, I was voiding my type-OA extension permission to stay.


And like you, upon arrival at Bangkok (when being given a 45-day permission to stay on Visa Exempt), at Bangkok arrivals immigration, the IO was kind enough to make sure I was aware I was getting only 45 days stay, also possibly from seeing my previous extension stamps.


The 45 days permission to stay (instead of 30-days) turned out to be very handy, as for health reasons I was not able to report to immigration to apply for a 90-day Type-O visa, until after being in Thailand for 2-weeks.

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