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The fitness and wellness trends to keep everyone fit in 2023


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Despite significantly lower caseloads and high rates of vaccination, Covid-19 will continue to shape how we exercise and live our lives, pushing us to increase our focus on self-care and inspire a healthier lifestyle in order to make positive changes for the benefits of our health. And when it comes to working out, 2023 will bring a more personal and functional approach, says one health and fitness expert.


Chonlachai Arnamnart, deputy dean for Corporate Image and Communication at Mahidol University’s College of Sports Science and Technology, shared his predictions for the fitness and wellness trends that will take the center stage in the coming year to help us stay in shape and physically fit. He also offered some training tips to avoid injuries.


Gyms will never be the same after Covid-19


Even though gyms and fitness centers are now permitted to be fully operational now that the coronavirus crisis has started to subside, albeit with several safety measures in place, some fitness enthusiasts have been reluctant to return because the gym can be a hotspot in the spread of Covid-19.


Full story: https://www.thaipbsworld.com/the-fitness-and-wellness-trends-to-keep-everyone-fit-in-2023/



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Eat less but eat well, and carry on with your daily activities. There's no magic bullet. There's no such thing as a free lunch. Every intervention, whether dietary, pharmacologcal or  exercise wise, carries a cost. My father is 95 and has, basically, walked into old age. Though I must say, looking at him moving concrete slabs around in his 60s was a sight to behold. Having said that it's genetic at the end of the day. My mother came down with dementia in her 80s. I should live so long. Seventy is my current target, and to die with all my taxes and funeral expenses paid. 555.

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For many years I have been following a HIIT routine (high intensity interval training). Major advantage is this workout doesn't consume a lot of time and it benefits both strength and cardio.

Routine: 5x10 pullups with 1 minute intervals followed by 20 minutes on an exercise bike using alternative intervals os 1 minute at 85 cadence followed by 1 minute at 125 cadence. 3 times per week is sufficient. I am 78 years old and have a testing heart rate of 45 and never been to a doctor during my 7 years in Thailand 

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