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Whistleblower exposes alleged misconduct of Thailand’s national park chief


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He admitted that, throughout his four years as the permanent secretary, he had never seen a corruption case implicating such a high-ranking official.

I wonder why that is.................

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I'm sure this is just one bad apple. /spit-take.


Kicking-back upwards of 18% of an annual budget is bold.


But prayuth told us he would eliminate corruption, as part of his twenty-year plan, so we just have to wait another 12-ish years.


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Maybe Khun Chaiwat is just deflecting.?



Chaiwat and his three former subordinates at Kaeng Krachan national park are facing murder charges for the enforced disappearance of Karen activist Porlajee Rakchongcharoen, aka “Billy”, about eight years ago.


he could not tolerate seeing his colleagues suffer by having to find money to pay bribes, resulting in family problems or being unfairly transferred.

Or being unfairly murdered.?

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shame that this whistle blower is charged with premeditated murder of Billy in 2014. Billy was Karen community activist organising against forceful eviction from their lands within the national park



Chaiwat was discharged from service earlier on, when first charged in that murder in 2020.

How he knows details of what's going on within his former employer?

For how long he knew about it?

Why he did not disclose it at time he first knew (or participate) in that corruption scheme?

Whistle blower is usually an insider who is clean from corruption or any wrongdoing. But it's clearly not the case with Chaiwat.

More like revenge against his former employer 


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