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My Visa Information

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Hello to all members of this forum.

I'm new in the forum and this is my first post, hope you solve my doubts.

I am Spanish (43 years old) My passport expires in 2019 and I have this Type of Visa:

Type of visa: Tourist

Category : TR

No. of entry :S

I entered to Thailand on January the 18th. I can be here 60 days and if I go to inmigration office I will be able to stay for 30 more days (please correct me if i am wrong), so, my questions are the next:

1) If I go back to Spain after these 3 months (leave Thailand about April 16th), can I come back in May again?

2) If I can come back, how long can I stay here?

3) How can I do it to stay for a year or more?

4) How can I get a Visa with multiple entries?

Now I am in Bangkok and I am looking for a Job in Thailand, I know it is hard and this will take me a long time.

And last question. I have to be in Spain in the first week of may (for 10 or 12 days) how can I stay here until the 1st or 2nd of may? Mi original visa expires on April 17th ( i think)

I am sorry for asking you so many questions,

Thanks in advance,


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1. Yes, no problem. If you don't want to return to Spain get a double entry tourist visa in Laos.

2. That depends on your visa.

3 and 4. For a multiple non-immigrant visa you need to have a good reason that is accpeted by the Thai government, such as study, being married to a Thai national or work.

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Thank you very much Mario2008, but what exactly a double entry tourist visa is ? and if I start studies here and get the multiple non-immigrant visa, can I leave Thailand when I want and come back again when I want?

Thanks again,


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A double entry tourist visa is that you have two tourist visas, in other words two entries of 60 days each and each entry can be extended by 90 days. So fater 60 or 90 days yu leave the country and can return again the same day for another 60 or 90 days.

With a multiple enty non-Ed visa you can come and go as often as you like during 1 year, but each time not longer than 90 days. Than you have to leave the country but can come right back again, as long as the visa is valid.

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