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Passport Expires

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My Thai wife who is in the uk has a Thai passport that expires on march the 19th. She wishes to fly to Thailand urgently but the embassy in london say the renewal will take 4 to 6 weeks. How ever she would be in to Thailand and back before her Thai passport expires on the 19th of march and could renew it also in Bangkok when she gets there if she is allowed to travel.Does anyone know the facts of whether she would be able to travel.

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Is this 6 month rule also for Thai nationals who return to their home country ? Why not call the Thai embassy about this ?

Just soken to emirates as she is a Thai national she will be allowed to board the plane.

Spoken to the Thai embassy in London, They are very much the same as the british embassy in Bangkok, They think they are being paid to be unhelpful.

Spoke to my wife like she is some sort of disease.

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No problem with a thai passport near to expiry, does she also have a uk passport?

Hi Steve thanks for that she does not have a uk passport only Thai.

Will Thai immigration allow her in then she can renew her passport while she is there.

Emirates will allow Thai nationals to board the plane in the uk, Just spoken to them.

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A Thai national can return to Thailand even on an expired passport.

If she gets a new passport in Thailand, she must be registered on a household registration.

Mario is correct on this. She will have to provide her old passport, house registration book or copy, her Thai ID card and if the she is holding your last name on they could ask for your passport/copy and marriage certificate/copy.

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