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  1. Re: Number Portability read here (It's an old topic, but the info still seems correct) Ps: Safest Bet is to go to a 12Call / AIS shop
  2. Couple of things spring to mind 1- Did you verify that your Bank has the number in +66 format for Thailand? (Which I think could be the main issue) 2- Did you verify that the number (the bank has) is correct? 3- Investigate about changing your number over from True to for example 12Call. AFAIK you should be able to do this and keep the same number 4- Can you change the number to a number of your friends back home just for the time being? (I did that in the beginning after I moved here, it was a bit of a hassle but it worked_ Hope it helps Good
  3. Great advice, but I am seeing 1 problem with this. You say are saying they are going to put up a "Noise Pollution testing equipment for a 24 hour period non-stop.". This guy would know they are doing this and will talk to the guys who are setting it up and he will after that MOST certainly refrain from turning on his music. How are the District Office will be dealing with that. Ps: Don't forget the OP is living in the sticks, no one around except the OP and his ......
  4. 555555555 using fans against natural wind! You must be joking
  5. Wait till he get many cockerel's (using them for fighting cocks) and then you also will have problem. And unfortunately even with the Thai Animal Laws in place this is afaik STILL allowed!!
  6. A bit of a sore arm after the 1st shot went away after 2-3 days. After the 2nd shot had cold shivers at night and was feeling unwell the whole next day. After that no issues!
  7. Exactly or someone else!! But would he sign such a contract? Doubt it!
  8. I am not the OP, but we experienced the same thing as the OP, and I fully understand the OP, he is looking for solutions!! Edit: We were the same when it happened to us in the end (it took a while) we moved away! House is now empty!!
  9. Wow nice. One problem what if the wind changes direction? Then the OP would be have another problem!!!!
  10. Not really, what do you think he is going to do with his new found wealth. If you think of doing that you have to buy up all the land near to you, because he (or someone else) could buy it and start over! And please don't forget our "Demon Shop" was 200 meters (approx) away from us. So we would have needed to buy all the land in between us and him. Not going to work!
  11. Against BASS???? Good Luck with that!! Edit: Look at my previous posts and see what we have done. even removed windows and ordering and installing Double Glazed Windows. Maybe helped to drown out a couple of dB but not a lot! BASS is the killer!
  12. I should have said for other people who are not as smart as @JetsetBkk
  13. Here some links on how to learn to detect Phishing Emails https://www.itgovernance.co.uk/blog/5-ways-to-detect-a-phishing-email https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/how-recognize-and-avoid-phishing-scams https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/protect-yourself-from-phishing-0c7ea947-ba98-3bd9-7184-430e1f860a44
  14. It's definitely a scam. the link Should give it away. .SV = EL Salvador!! Edit ooh and 1 more thing https://thailandpost-th.com/ Looks like this Edit2: They make the url look like the real thing, another example ASEANN0W.COM, the O in ASEANNOW is switched for a <zero>
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