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  1. ^ +1 We paid for the one at Bangkok Hospital Korat, also hope they do the same!!
  2. Of course, you are correct, simplicity has it's merits. But maybe one word of caution, I have no idea if it's true because a friend of friend told me this but there must be some truth in there. (Ps: This did not happen in Thailand but in another SE-Asian Country) This Friend flew from Europe with his Brand new (never used) Credit Card. Arrived at his destination, went in to a Bank to get a Cash Advance on his Credit Card. Approx 1 week later his Home bank in Europe called him and said, are you buying goods in the US of A? He said "No I am still in SE-Asia never lef
  3. Thx, but after reading this thread it's really a hit and miss at the moment. Sometimes yes sometimes no! So yes, maybe my GBP50 will come as a FTT but a GBP5000 as a local transfer But will try for sure!
  4. I wonder if the issue is also with the "Buying Property option" We are in the process of maybe (really maybe) buying a Condo in Pattaya to use when we both get older, and it would be in my name, so for that I have prove to the Land office that the money originates from abroad! And thus the necessity of the FTT booking in my Bank Book!! Or am I stuck transferring via my "normal" bank (via their expensive service) and the Swift System?
  5. Oke, but also contact Steam, because they will ban the persons who did the fraudulent charges and that will hurt!! Here is what it says in that link (a bit late but it will maybe help someone else)
  6. Did you get your money Back? Have a look here, maybe it helps https://help.steampowered.com/en/faqs/view/5E79-EA37-6D29-8CE9
  7. F From that Article https://securityaffairs.co/wordpress/26134/cyber-crime/phishing-goes-mobile-cloned-banking-app-google-play.html Wow Very weird that Google Play Store allowed this IMHO
  8. To use the Banking App in your phone to withdraw money, the bad guy first needs 1- Need to load an app on your own phone that steals your banking info 2- Needs to bypass the 6 digit code to access the Banking App (or bypass Face / Touch ID) 3- Needs to have (your own) phone to scan the QR code and withdraw from your account. So how did you think this is going to play out and do you think it's that easy? Oke you got a point with the Chipped ATM Card, but how many times have you seen they are still using the Scanning strip in the Store to read your
  9. I also have separate Banks My Bangkok Bank has the money for Visa Purposes in a fixed account. and also have a Savings account. And both DON'T have an ATM card, I never went to renew my ATM card because of that UnionPay fiasco. How do I withdraw money? Easy at an ATM via the Bank app and select Cardless Withdrawal. My SCB has a Savings account and has an ATM card, but in the SCB APP you can LOCK this card, so whenever you don't need it, you can LOCK it in the APP. Also for ATM withdrawals I use the Cardless Withdrawal option in the SCB app. So seldom use the ATM Card.
  10. Sound advice, but unfortunately that only works for larger withdrawals, not the ones as small as the OP is posting about. I believe the minimum is 500 THB (but that can depend on which bank you use)
  11. @notrub Let me know what you find out, because I just checked the MorProm app, and my Nationality is listed as Thai and my passport number is also missing
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